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May 25, 2018, 23 tweets

1. Donald Trump requested an UNDERCOVER FBI SPY for his future casinos. (Docs via @funder) #SpyGate


Trump didn’t want “to tarnish his family’s name inadvertently.”

Why really?!

@realDonaldTrump was worried “that his life...would be subject to microscopic examination.”

2. Trump sought the FBI’s “advice” on building casinos in Atlantic City. (Agent advised against it.)

Why really?!

Trump asked the agent to “introduce him to the appropriate officials in the FBI with whom he could ‘discuss’ the matter.”

🧐 Ah ha. Now it’s all making sense...

3. “How does this make sense?!” you exclaim, “Isn’t it a good that Donald Trump wanted to work with the FBI and not tarnish his family’s name?”

In normal circumstances, yes.

But the #TrumpCrimeFamily wasn’t engaged in anything resembling normal at the time.

Let’s begin...

4. At the time Donald Trump and his father were being investigated “for overcharging and profiteering” and “systemic discrimination against black and other minority tenants.”

Why draw MORE FBI attention?!

Roy Cohn?

All possible.

Wait. Roy Cohn? Who?

5. “The evidence was damning.” The DOJ could prove #TheTrumpCrimeFamily used a secret code to avoid renting to blacks.

The Trumps had “Favor Back Politicians” in their pockets “in tandem with the Mob.” But even they couldn’t save them.

Then Donald met Mafia Lawyer Roy Cohn...

6. With Cohn, “you knew...you were in the presence of evil.”

Trump: “Cohn’s been vicious to others in his protection of me...He’s a lousy lawyer, but he’s a genius.”

🤔 Sound eerily familiar? The Fixer

Unlike Donald’s, Roy’s keen intellect deftly oiled Trump’s dirty wheels.

7. To combat the State’s slam-dunk Discrimination Case, Cohn set a precedent that would define #TheTrumpCrime Family for half a century -

He spuriously sued back.

“He actually got reporters to appear for a press conference” to announce the suit.

“Of course, it was thrown out.”

8. “Roy was a master of situational immorality.”

🥊 “Never settle, never surrender.

🥊 Counter-attack, counter-sue immediately.

🥊 No matter what happens, no matter how deeply into the muck you get, claim victory and never admit defeat.”

For 40+ years, Donald’s followed suit.

9. “Donald lost his moral compass when he made an alliance with Roy Cohn.”

Since that time, Trump’s clearly never even bothered to look for his moral compass.

His #FakeNews, Spurious Scandals, Putrid Propaganda, Vicious Attacks and Dirty Distractions are now automatic reflexes.

10. Cohn/Trump’s Extremism

Joe McCarthy, led the ‘House Un-American Activities Committee.” Cohn was McCarthy’s Fixer.

A REAL Witch Hunt (paralleled in Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’) McCarthy targeted Hollywood, who ironically, were fighting their fascism.

🤔 Sound familiar?

11. “The tabloids couldn’t get enough of Trump’s theatrics.”

Behind the curtain Cohn was “always there to help w/SHADY TAX DOCUMENTS, the zoning variances, the sweetheart deals and -

The threats to those who” stood in their way.

Cohn demanded only☝️thing:

“Ironclad Loyalty”

12. Trump attacks others personally, irregardless of laws and facts - A Cohn tactic:

“I don’t want to know what the law is.
I want to know who the judge is.”

Cohn threw parties for judges, Mob bosses, politicians -

“If you’re indicted, you’re invited.”

😣 Painfully familiar.

13. During the 2016 Campaign, Steven Brill, heard Trump parroting Cohn’s exact phrases:

If you want to know the truth

That I can tell you

To be absolutely frank

All set-ups for ‘The Big Lie.’

Brill knew Trump’s Playbook well. He’d investigated the Trump University Fraud.

14. Back to the docs (via @funder) revealing Trump’s request for an FBI SPY.


We know Trump called his Psychopath Mafia Mentor, Roy Cohn 15-20 times a day.

We know the Trumps were subjects of several investigations.

We know the Trumps were “connected” (“Favor Bank,” Mob)

15. Soooo...Trump’s suggestion that the FBI “use undercover agents” in his casinos could NOT be because he was worried about “inadvertently” tarnishing his family’s name due to associations with “Organized Crime Elements.”

The #TrumpCrimeFamily was already in bed with criminals.

16. We know Roy Cohn greased the oily palms of government officials, politicians, judges and Mob Bosses for the #TrumpCrimeFamily.

Soooo...Trump’s request for the names of FBI officials with whom he could ‘discuss’ his concerns -

Could’ve been for targeted shakedowns/bribery.

17. Trump met w/Mickey Brown of the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcements (DGE.) There’d be “no problem” getting the Trumps a Casino License.

He also told Brown the NAME of the FBI’s source claiming it “might nip things in the bud and prevent future problems.”

😱 Sound familiar?!

18. It was then discovered the FBI Source had not provided the DGE w/req. documents. Source: My lawyer’s “inadvertent” error.

Then...the Trumps hired the FBI Source as a “labor consultant.” They acknowledge Source may be “unsavory” but he “knows people” so it’s worth it.


19. Did Trump/Cohn plan to bribe the “undercover FBI agents” to keep their casinos out of trouble?

Were they setting-up an opponent for a fall?

Only Trump knows his true motives.

In the end, Trump’s casinos were caught laundering money for Russian Mobsters.

So there’s that.

20. On the other hand -

WHO contacts the FBI in order to prove their “willingness to cooperate”
in. the. future. - before their business is even built?!

Was Trump trying to grease wheels to appear “honest” so the FBI would tip him off - “nipping future problems in the bud?”

21. Was Trump trying to discover which Atlantic City Casinos and/or businesses were currently under FBI investigation - again, to “nip future problems in the bud?”

Was Trump attempting to find out what casino activities trigger FBI alarms? (He was new to the gambling biz.)

22. What this thread does reveal is that Trump runs OUR GOVERNMENT like he’s run his businesses -

MOB-STYLE complete with lies, bribery, threats, criminals, corruption, fraud, tax evasion, money-laundering, Mafia-ties & bankruptcies (to avoid paying debts.)

#TrumpFirst. Always.

23.🌟👏🌟 Excellent reporting by @VanityFair’s Marie Brenner!

Also -

🌟🔎🌟Another great document discovery by Scott Dworkin @funder!

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