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May 26, 2018, 6 tweets

Trump's Lying Seems To Be Getting Worse. Psychology Suggests There's a Reason Why:

📢According to psychologists, we lie MORE when we know there are no uncomfortable physiological feelings associated with #lying.😧

🧐So the lies are getting bolder and more frequent, according to psychologists because we're not CALLING HIM OUT on his BS?


📣Let's do it! Let's call him on his #lies

🚫He is not a victim of an intelligence operation. Spygate my ass.


📣Call Him Out!

‼️If he doesn't hear you, it will only get worse!!


🌪️#Lies Coming at the #Democratic Party!

‼️We can't keep dodging them!

📣CALL TRUMP OUT ON #LIES and #LIEGATE! Or they continue to escalate!

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