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May 29, 2018, 28 tweets

🦂1. Know thy enemy - Sun Tzu
#MarkZaid is attacking conservative accounts calling himself a proud member of #TheResistance and defender of Asha Rangappa, both are being praised by the left but Mark is no hero, unless you’re #Iran or the CIA. Meet #JeffreySterling

2. Mark hails himself as a bi-partisan defender of #whistleblowers he defended Sterling against the CIA in a discrimination case (which was lost) and then he snitched on him to the CIA, which Obama’s Justice dept. dusted off to bring charges in 2015.

3. Mark even had two interviews with the FBI about #JeffreySterling he will swing wildly now and tell you 302’s don’t mean anything and that he was subpoenaed by the Grand Jury but facts are facts, Sterling was charged.

4. You see, the good old Bush Admin had a super sneaky idea, give #Iran nuclear plans with “mistakes” in them so they would build a faulty nuke🙄 The plan backfired and in turn we basically handed them everything they needed. Sterling allegedly blew the whistle.

5. What’s interesting and unreported is that the charges against Sterling were 15 years old BUT the trial was in August 2015 right when they were negotiating the #IranDeal logic tells us this was to shut everyone up.…

6. Enter Pulitzer Prize winning author #JamesRisen who Sterling was accused of leaking to. Risen (unlike eunuch #MarkZaid ) absolutely refused to give up his source despite a grueling legal battle. He’s also who broke the NSA story after fighting with @nytimes for over a year.

7. Risen will be first to tell you how shocking and vicious attacks were on leakers under Obama, more charges than all previous admins combined. Mueller’s FBI planned raids to nab “leakers” and a source told him not to Google. Pretty clear @Google works directly with 🤡’s

8. Now let’s backtrack a bit to #PanAmFlight103 this is where #MarkZaid made a name for himself, he and fellow counsel secured $2.7 billion from Gaddafi who reluctantly paid despite denying it. Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi was sentenced and all blame was securely on Libya but..

9. There appear to be many doubts about who was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. Vocal critic and Whistleblower himself #PatrickHaseldine voiced them to Zaid asking just how much Gadaffi money he’d pocketed. Read his story here👇…

10. Findings in the case are incredibly disturbing, witnesses were paid millions to testify against Megrahi by CIA and FBI (did Zaid know this?) the hearing was abandoned because Megrahi was granted a compassionate release, due to terminal cancer.

11. For his part, Megrahi claimed his innocence all the way to his deathbed. Let that sink in, a man in his last days was still saying the truth hadn’t been heard about #LockerbieBombing

12. In fact the family of now deceased Megrahi filed an appeal last year to clear him name citing an investigation that found on six grounds the conviction may have been a miscarriage of justice. So who did it?…

13. In 2010 we met another Whistleblower #RezaKahlili who claimed among many shocking things that he had learned directly from Iranian intelligence #Iran had ordered the #LockerbieBombing

14. Kahlili was represented by #MarkZaid 👁 who confirmed that the former member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard was a long time CIA operative. He claimed to have come forward to in hopes America would assist in an #IranRegimeChange and warn about their nuclear capability.

15. Where is Kahlili? By all accounts he was credible and Zaid did fight to a certain degree to get his book released but he feared for his life and family. A search of his name albeit fictional seems to vanish around 2014.…

16. Get this #MarkZaid STILL represents the families of Pan Am Flight 103 and claims no new facts have been uncovered? Seriously? The same attorney that vouched Kahlili as credible didn’t immediately demand #Iran be investigated?

17. What’s even more disturbing is there’s not a single publication that has questioned why the attorney linked to the largest terrorist settlement from Libya also represented the Whistleblower (who worked for CIA) that said #Iran was responsible. Oh that’s right #IranDeal

18. Circling back to #JeffreySterling he was let out of jail this year and now lives in a halfway house. This man’s life was destroyed twice and both parties are to blame, once because he was black and the next time because Obama admin was in love with #Iran

19. As for #MarkZaid he of course is now celebrated by Liberals because he will represent any anti-Trump Whistleblower for free, he’s filed numerous lawsuits against the Trump admin and not surprisingly is endorsed by #BlueFalcon Lieu. Don’t say Kiriakou didn’t warn you.

20. The hero journalist who once fought relentlessly for facts now works for a publication that turns on its own whistleblowers and writes scathing pieces about President Trump without citing a single fact..

21. #JeffreySterling’s wife wrote to President Obama begging for a pardon, little did she know it was the same admin who wanted to protect #Iran not African American hero’s @realDonaldTrump its never too late #PardonForJeffrey…

22. The hatred for President Trump is palpable and has reached a disease like level. You don’t have to like the man, you can hate all you want but that same hatred has blinded once credible analysts, journalists and politicians to anything fact based and it’s dangerous.

23. Disclaimer: All information provided was from public sources. I am not Russian or a robot, I’m born and raised in America, a woman living in Los Angeles, I’d love to share my identity but I don’t want my life ruined by crooked lawyers and corrupt @fbi @CNN analysts.

24. What if we all told the truth? Try it.

25. Addendum: @emptywheel brought Zaid’s testimony up and included the curious timeline that lead to #JeffreySterling being charged. Not surprisingly he lied and pretended he was ethical.…

27. #MarkZaid the gift of deception that keeps on giving... bonus content by the one and only @The_War_Economy

28. #JeffreySterling has a gofundme his life was ruined by both Republicans and Democrats the same people that hailed #McCabe as a hero should donate here as well #TheResistance #KAG2020…

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