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Jun 3, 2018, 18 tweets

I’m heading to cover this antifa protest against @JoeyRockstone on the one year anniversary of last year’s massive antifa & pro-Trump showdown in Portland.

“Go fuck yourself Andy!” a masked protester yells at me. #Antifa

The proud boys have showed up.

A confrontation happens. #antifa #proudboys

The police are not letting them get near each other again after clashes. #antifa #proudboys

Woman yells at police: “Do you guys sleep well at night protecting these white supremacists?”

Woman screams out car window as she drives by: “White people are Nazis as fuck!”

“If you like Hitler, kills yourselves you fucking Nazi fascist bitch.”

Protester with megaphone vs Portland Police.

March of shame? Protesters shout “shame!” as pro-Trump crowd walks through downtown Portland.

Pro-Trump rally shows solidarity with Britain and England. Some protesters said flags are a sign of far-right white nationalism.

I’ve been accosted three times by the same masked man who kept mentioning my name. He is angry.

This man’s shirt on the right incensed a lot of protesters. Man on the left was sprayed by something by protesters.

I ran into Edie & Daniel Deporter-Dixon, who I profiled last year in a story on trans women who support Trump. I asked her today: “Is this movement transphobic?”…

Peaceful masked protester confronts proud boy and girl. He takes issue with the man’s homophobic joke. Man says: “Look at my face. Do you think I give a shit about a joke?” #antifa

Black Trump supporter who was peppered spray by protesters: “I’ve encountered [racism] from the left telling me I’m an Uncle Tom & a coon.”#antifa

Fight almost broke out. #antifa #proudboys

That’s all from today’s #antifa vs #ProudBoys in Portland. It started raining so my equipment and I got wet. The smell was also putrid. Like my work? Support me:

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