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Jun 4, 2018, 11 tweets

💥‼️BREAKING NEWS 911💥‼️😳Are immigrant kids separated from their families being held at a closed Walmart⁉️This detention center that Senator @JeffMerkley is at looks similar to the closed Walmart Super Center at 7480 Padre Island Hwy, Brownsville TX 78521 😳 THREAD👇

😳Remember the weird ‘conspiracy stories about closed Walmart’s being used as detention centers⁉️Look closely at the architecture of these buildings. The top pic is the detention center @JeffMerkley visited. He was NOT allowed inside. The bottom pic is a closed Walmart in TX 😳

See the sign on the old Walmart⁉️“Southwest Key Programs” is a Juvenile Detention Center company. They’re having a Golf Gala fundraiser Sept 28 2018 and Satellite Tracking of People, LLC (Securus Technologies) is a sponsor- THEY HAVE SOFTWARE THAT CAN BE USED TO TRACK📱 PHONES

😳2018 @nytimes revealed Securus's product can be used to track the location of almost any phone in the US within seconds.@RonWyden sent letters to FCC & telecom companies demanding answers on surveillance system‼️70 million phone records were illegally breached👇

🚨Deplorable Prison- Like Conditions In Juvenile Detention Centers Run By Southwest Key Programs🚨 @SouthwestKey #WhereAreTheChidren… 🎩 tip @SW_Crisis

😳At Southwest Key Programs, the goal is profit and secrecy say former employees. Employees say that children are viewed as commodities and employees as Rent-a-cops👇

💥💀💥This is frightening and resembles Nazi Germany. Kids are told they should be grateful for Juan Sanchez’s AKA “El Presidente’s” kindness.

🔥💀🔥There is something incredibly sinister about all of this- beyond the obvious... An employee whistleblower says “They brainwash us”😳 Imagine what Southwest Key Programs is doing to the kids 👇

🚨🔥🚨Here is a list of 269 Walmart store closings. If you see any in your area please drive by and take some pictures/video of signs vehicles, movement of any kind. Border towns or Safe Cities are priorities‼️Post on this timeline PLEASE ‼️…

The kids at @Walmart detention center are at risk‼️The employees of Southwest Key Programs have a lot of terrible things to say about their employer👇Tag @walmart !!

Omg... Brainwashing going on @SouthwestKey Detention Programs at closed @Walmart stores‼️

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