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Jun 5, 2018, 31 tweets

1/21 From the very beginning #Israel planned to usurp #Palestine
#OsloPeace didn't manage to dismantle a single Settlement,to the contrary, #Israel started taking more #Palestinian Land
During the 7 yrs following #Oslo,the Settler Population within the #WestBank increased by 90%

2/21 Following Intl pressure to stop Settlements #Israel began new tactics,under the pretext of natural growth,they expanded & fattened,the existing settlements & connected them to each other & to Israel
Slicing the land blocking any possibility of a contiguous #Palestinian State

3/21 #Israeli Settlements along with their Road Network & Security Zones, occupy about 42% of Palestinian Land.
Roads btw Settlements can only be traveled by Settlers,the basic Human Right of Freedom of Movement within ones Home Country has been taken away from the #Palestinians

4/24 Settlements squander valuable & needed resources, especially water.
#Palestinians pay 4 times more than the #Israel-i settlers as cost of water in the #WestBank, while using the same resources & the same infrastructure.
Palestinians consume 5 times less, but pay 4 times more

5/24 #Israel manipulates & offers many incentives.
80% of settlers move to the #WestBank for economic reasons
Israel saw that there weren't enough ideological/religious settlers,that really see this as the land of Israel & want to conquer it from the Arabs,there are not that many

6/24 None Ideological Settlers living in the occupied #WestBank don't know #Palestinian houses are being demolished & their owners are being made homeless to make space for #Israel-i Settlers,but those who do don't care, they worry abt stupid things like daily garbage collection.

7/24 If the Israeli Govt would offer the Israeli none ideological settlers, the same apartment in #Israel as the one they currently live in, on the #WestBank (occupied #Palestinian Territories), and it would bring peace, they would leave tomorrow. #BoycottIsrael #BDS #Palestine

8/24 According to the #Israel-i Group, #PeaceNow, the overwhelming majority of Settlers, 80% of them,consider themselves to be Economic Settlers.
But the other 20% are Ideological Hardcore Religious Zealous, they are well armed & have no hesitation in using these arms. #Palestine

9/24 The #Hebron Settlers decided to venture out of their settlements,& move into the city itself, Palestinian #TelRumeida was their target,the people of Tel Rumeida enjoy all kinds of settler violence & harassment intended to force #Palestinians to leave their homes & their land

10/24 The Brutality of the Settlers & Occupation that comes w/ them, prompted some fmr #Israel-i Soldiers to #BreakTheSilence & speak out to their own society & to the world abt their experience in #Hebron
"Only Jews can walk in the streets, streets of Hebron are only for Jews."

11/24 Fmr #IDF Soldiers #BreakTheSilence:'what I did in #Hebron every night, shooting firing grenades in #Palestinian neighborhoods, that's what #Israeli press called,"IDF Forces Return Fire To The Source Of Fire",I don't remember once that I recognize once the source of fire.'

12/24 The story of the Settlers violence in #Hebron is an untold story, most media outlets inc Israeli, would not dare to cover. The city of Hebron is losing its residents at an alarming pace, experiencing an organized process aimed at forcing the #Palestinians out of their homes

13/24 Fmr #IDF Soldiers #BreakTheSilence:"a settler that wanted to expand his living room, drilled into the wall, broke into a #Palestinian shop,threw everything that was in the shop to the streets,he locked the doors & now he has a bigger house,no one arrests them or stops them"

14/24 "How can u do to other people what was done to you people? I visited #SouthAfrica recently & spoke to black people who remember the #Apartheid,this is the SAfrican Apartheid. Actually the #Palestinians in the best case,are transparent, they don't see them,they don't exist."

15/24 'You can explain the major elements of the occupation by security,u can't explain 200 settlements by security,#Israel did not build settlements for security reasons & they never claimed to,u can't explain the highway system,the policy of house demolition,land expropriation'

16/24 The border (GreenLine) btw #Israel & #Palestine is 315 Km/217.48 Miles, meanwhile the route of the wall built inside Palestinian land is 670 Km/416.319 Miles, more than double the length.
The land theft left #Palestinians homeless, thousands of olive trees were uprooted.

17/24 The Wall/Barrier #Israel built splits the #WestBank into almost 2 pieces & destroys any change of having a future continuous State of #Palestine.
In the path of the wall there were many olive trees many homes,many farms, many people & everyone of them has its own story.#BDS

18/24 With the Wall in #Jerusalem,tens of thousands #Palestinians find themselves outside the walls of the city, cut off from their city & their livelihood, by doing this #Israel will have succeeded in changing the demographic makeup of the #HolyCity. "Jews in & Palestinians out"

19/24 The Town of #Jesus has its own story,
#Israel surrounded #Bethlehem w/ a concrete wall,confiscating half of its land & placing that land on the Israeli side of the wall,for the future expansion of settlements.
"I wonder what #Jesus would say,if he sees his town as a Ghetto"

20/24 Since 1947 #Palestinians painfully watched, year after year,the partition, occupation & annexation of their land/country
Settlements & their master designers confiscating the land, ultimately at the end of each day/year,confiscating the Human Rights of millions Palestinians

21/24 "They could confiscate our lands, destroy our homes,uproot our trees, & imprison us, but they will never be able to imprison spirit seeking for freedom.
Walls & Ghettos will never bring Peace, Justice will."~ Dr. Ismail Daig, #Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committees #PARC

22/24 Israeli Soldiers #BreakTheSilence👇
850 Fmr #IDF soldiers have given testimony about the gross injustices against the #Palestinian people they have witnessed & made to participate in as part of #Israel's military occupation of the #WestBank & #Gaza.

23/24 #Israel-i Soldiers #BreakTheSilence👇😡
Sharon & Chayut served during the 2nd #Intifada, and the on-going terrible #HumanRights abuses against the #Palestinians, prompted them to speak out about their experiences as self-described "brutal occupiers".

24/24 Fmr #Israel-i Soldier turned anti-occupation activist,Eran Efrati Speaks Out About #Gaza & Occupation.
He interviewed several Israeli soldiers who participated in Gaza's Shejaiya Massacre & Testified at the #RussellTribunal on #Palestine in #Brussels.

#IDF soldiers know what they're doing, against the #Palestinians, is wrong but #Israel forces them to do it.
In the Israeli society its really hard to refuse, or get in big trouble with the family/friends or get problems at the workplace.
#BDS #Palestine

Breaking The Silence: Israeli Female Soldier Testimonies [Must Watch and Must Share]‼️ Israeli female soldier #BreakTheSilence with harrowing testimonies about torturing #Palestinians.
#ICC4Israel #BoycottIsrael #BDS #Palestine

#Israel’s Banks Profit From Settlements construction in the occupied #WestBank, in #Palestine
The transfer by the occupier of members of its civilian population into the occupied territory & the deportation or transfer of members of the population of the territory are #WarCrimes.

How #Israel-i Settlers Deceive The Intl Community👇‼️
Produce from settlements in the #JordanValley & the #WestBank are labelled as #Palestinian, deceiving consumers into investing in Israeli products.
😡Israelis refuse to acknowledge #Palestine except when it's convenient

Nov 2016 Members of the #EuropeanParliament have condemned #Israel’s illegal settlement activities in the #WestBank, #Palestine.
The MEPs also called on the #EU to cut trade ties w/Israel until #TelAviv stops perpetrating crimes against #Palestinians

Attacks against #Palestinians in increase by 50 percent in 2018.
There's been an increase in attacks by Israelis from illegal settlements against Palestinians in the occupied #WestBank since the start of the year, according to the #UN.
#ICC4Israel #Occupation #Palestine #BDS

#Israel Defends Law Allowing Expropriation of #Palestinian Lands, Even 'If Someone Is Hurt'
The law was passed by the Knesset in February 2017 to retroactively legalize thousands settlements built illegally on private Palestinian land across the #WestBank.…

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