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Jun 9, 2018, 7 tweets

1) On Date 06-06-2018 by train no 12246 YPR-HWH duronto exp. A Couple was traveling with an ailing #Child #who_was_in_oxygen_support_through_cylinders . But have got only 2 cylinders which will be empty on or before Vijayawada

@PiyushGoyal @RailMinIndia

2) #Mr_Mihir #TTE_BZA of the train called to Control and informed that they have to arrange it at any cost.And the controllers assured that they will provide it.


3) Then #Mr_Mihir called to #Mr_Jagga_Rao #CTI/BZA and he called to #ACM and chief Controller that the train shouldn't stopped anywhere and it should reach Vijayawada without any hustle.


4) Tensions prevailed as #cylinder_empties half an hour before Vijayawada and #Mr_Mihir #too_came_into_tears along with their parents and thought all efforts may go in vain as they might fail to save the child.


5) But God helped in the name of Mr Jagga Rao because of his efforts train reached Vijayawada in 20 minutes. #We_got_the_cylinders_and #oxygen_supply_started_to_child.


6) #Mr_Mihir #Arranged_another_2_cylinders at Bhuvneswar,informed to Kharagpur& gardenreach train should reach Howrah railwaystation on time so d child gets further treatment. He arranged Ambulance at HWH station,Hope almighty GOD dat their efforts may save the 2 month old Child.

I request to our @RailMinIndia.
#Mr_Mihir should get awarded for his bravery work & this kind of work should get published in all media, so that citizen should know how our govt is helpful.

CC @PiyushGoyal @PiyushGoyalOffc @anujg @zankrut @MIB_India

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