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Jun 10, 2018, 22 tweets

CAA’s Demonstration and Event Monitoring Unit (DEMU) is gathering evidence at the pro-Hizballah “#AlQuds Day” parade. If crimes are committed we intend to take legal action to bring the perpetrators to justice. Please send your own photographs or videos to

Already police are having to deploy to keep various sides apart. As the pro-#Hizballah parade gets underway. #BanHizballah #AlQuds

To leave no doubt what this parade is really about, the organisers have been handing out placards declaring unity with Hizballah. How is @IHRC still allowed to be a charity @ChtyCommission? A disgrace.

Once again the flag of Hizballah, a genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation which is believed to have perpetrated two bombings in London flies in our capital. @SajidJavid this must stop! #BanHizballah under the Terrorism Act!

As we have seen so many times before, people are draping themselves in the Hizballah flag. This is an organisation which seeks to murder Jews around the world. How can we take the government seriously when it says that it is tough on extremism and terror but allows this?

Expelled @UKLabour activist Tony Greenstein has joined the crowd.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more repulsive, this man has wrapped a baby in the flag of Hizballah, the genocidal terrorist organisation. Enough! @SajidJavid, fully proscribe Hizballah. #BanHizballah!

Some on the pro-Hizballah parade have attached this to their Hizballah flags, but the leader of Hizballah says: “The story of [a] military wing and [a] political wing is the work of the British.” A terrorist group is mocking us whilst its supporters parade through our capital.

If you want one message that summarises what today’s “Al Quds Day” march is about, here it is. It is about showing unity with Hizballah, a terrorist organisation that spineless politicians have only half-banned, allowing terrorist supporters to parade though our capital city.

Where can you find people holding up the portraits of Holocaust-denying theocrats or terrorist organisation leaders? London, of course, because the British Government has so far refused to fully #BanHizballah.

How in Britain in 2018 it is legal to wrap your baby in the flag of Hizballah, a genocidal terrorist organisation, and parade through the streets on London? How? Because we have yet to have a Home Secretary with the courage to #BanHizballah. @SajidJavid, we are relying on you!

This man woke up this morning and put on a t-shirt bearing the logo of a terrorist organisation which seeks the annihilation of all Jews and has carried out bombings around the world. He went out onto the streets of London without fear of prosecution. @SajidJavid, #BanHizballah!

Dr Les Levidow, a Senior Research Fellow at The @OpenUniversity, ends his speech to the pro-Hizballah parade: “Down with the anti-terror laws”.

The leaders of the pro-Hizballah parade have just attempted to set fire to an Israeli flag, the flag of the world’s only Jewish state.

Yet more Hizballah uniform is brazenly on display, but police have been advised to do nothing because one Home Secretary after another has refused to fully proscribe Hizballah. @SajidJavid, this must not continue. Give the police clear powers to act. #BanHizballah!

The pro-Hizballah parade hasn’t moved very far. It has been brought to a halt by a band of anti-terrorism activists who have blocked the way!

That this show of support for Hizballah terrorists has been allowed to take place yet again is a national disgrace, but thanks to a very determined-looking group of activists, the pro-Hizballah parade has not got very far

Anti-terrorism activists have blocked the path of the pro-Hizballah parade, chanting “Terrorist scum, off our streets” and playing Jewish folk music. Police are starting to push the anti-terrorism activists back though so that the pro-Hizballah parade can continue.

Police have pushed the anti-terrorism activists back so that the parade in support of Hizballah, the genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation, can continue through our capital. @SajidJavid, this disgraces our country. It is time to #BanHizballah.

The pro-Hizballah parade is now continuing, chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. This means from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea and only makes sense as a call for the annihilation of the world’s only Jewish state.

Our team is falling back now. We have gathered many photographs and videos which we will now review with our lawyers. If you gathered took photographs or video that you think we should see, please send it to

This year’s pro-Hizballah parade was more repulsive than ever, with even a baby wrapped in the terrorist organisation’s bloodcurdling flag…

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