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Jun 10, 2018, 11 tweets

#JustinTrudeau #DonaldTrump #G7Charlevoix You've heard a lot about how scary it feels to some that our international order might be ending. This thread shows some glimpses into such a horrific war that came about after a previous international order collapsed. Remember

Throughout the 1930's the League of Nations and international alliances, were ineffective because of neutrality. This isn't that much different than the UNSC post-Arab Spring today. Nazi's before Poland in 1939 were already annexing territory. #Crimea in 2014?

When the stock market crashed in 1929/30, it wasn't just an American problem. Much like the financial crisis today, it was a global crisis that stuck around for quite some time. Many nations in the 1930's harbored economic resentment and turned isolationist, singular or fascist.

In the 1930's it wasn't just Germany and Italy (Hilter & Mussolini) that turned fascist because of an overbearing nationalism. We only seem to think America is suffering because of Trump when in reality, America is late to this new authoritarianism that looks so trendy.

Again, in the 1930's because of the ineffectiveness of the League of Nations, the allied powers and axis powers were buying up guns like a libertarian at a gun show. This is similar to Putin, Trump and Un talking up the buildup of nuclear weapons with the UNSC sitting idly by.

Disinformation and fake news are nothing new. Whats new is the processing, systemizing, legitimizing, synthesis, and division-of-labor of disinformation/fakenews in a digital age. We've made it an industry. Did history stop in 1936?…

The interwar period between WW1 and WW2 took about 20 years and isn't a separation. It's not hard to see that I think it took about 20 years for the int. order that was present before WW1 to collapse fully. That pic looks like today, no?

Many consider the 1939 expulsion of the Soviet Union as the last breath of the League of Nations and old way of life. We're not there yet right now, but if the #G7Charlevoix grows into crises with the UN and NATO, we might be at that same point we were in 1939 really quick.

I am gonna end this thread at 1939 because there is not enough space, time, characters, images, and/or energy to adequately describe the drastic and global nature of WW2. We've seen movies, seen footage, and many other historians can do it better.

I'm not savvy enough with social media, my words, or my emotions to describe or persuade my peers and those younger than I am to remember the Great Wars, not for nostalgia but because they matter greatly right now at this exact point in time. I need your help with retweet & convo

HT: @jfjabbo Addendum: I searched yesterday for a leader in an around the Great Wars similar to Trump and overlooked Kaiser Wilhelm II.…

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