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Jun 13, 2018, 25 tweets

Good morning, Patriots. New Q posts overnight. But we begin today with a look at Trump travels. Please note we received many posts from Q while POTUS was on AF1. #1464 to 1489 = 25 posts! 🇺🇸

President Trump's schedule is posted daily, with necessary updates on @POTUS_Schedule

Time updates/corrections

POTUS is returning to the White House right now, 5:50 AM on 6/13/18

🇺🇸 Welcome Home @Scavino45 @PressSec and @POTUS
So proud and grateful that @realDonaldTrump is our #PatriotPOTUS

Q posts are archived. This morning, two posts were inserted on the archive list. They refer to the missile launch recorded by the Skunk Bay Weather Cam. The post numbers may be different than were showing yesterday due to DDOS. Go to for Q posts

Two links in this post. They are connected.
Remember the name Kashyap Patel

1st Link ➤…
Several videos embedded in the link

2nd link ➤…

💥 My research on KASHYAP PATEL: Patel is on the staff of Rep Devin Nunes, the Republican who chairs the House Intel Comm. Patel wrote the GOP memo that is critical of FBI and DOJ officials.
From the India Times:

Important to actually read linked articles (with videos) in #1481.Catherine Herridge is an excellent reporter. She gives details that my snipped headlines do not convey.

@IngrahamAngle and the Freedom Caucus

Here is the interview of @RepMarkMeadows and @Jim_Jordan with @IngrahamAngle on 6/12/18 to which Q refers in #1482

"We've got a new resolution. We will bring it to the House floor for a vote"

"Full weight of the House"
"Who controls Ryan?"

Historically, Ryan has been controlled by Deep State, Soros, Dems. Some would also add the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Ryan recently said he is stepping down. Why? Does POTUS have something on Ryan and told him so? If that is the case, does POTUS now control Ryan?....?

In Ingraham interview, @RepMarkMeadows said, 'We *WILL* bring this up for a vote'. Sounded *very* sure. See exchange between an Anon and Q. Anon's question about "support" might translate to Ryan allowing the Freedom Caucus resolution to come up for a vote. FULL WEIGHT

#1485 and 1486
Q inquires about the "proofs" that Anons calculate to demonstrate authenticity of Q posts. Showing validity of Q drops.

Anon quotes a portion of Q #768 posted on 2/15/18
First, for reference, here is #768

Here is #1487 on 6/12/18

Q reminds us that people are awaking every day..and finding Q. They will need some sort of verification of authenticity.

"Autists" - There are some Anons on 8chan who specialize in the decodes and proofs. They create amazing graphics that can be shared.

Here's an example:
Q uses the term "pockets" in a particular context on 12/23/17 and POTUS tweets the term (same context) ten days later. The 'proof' is the autist-created graphic of the connection between the two events.

For more, go to

In #1488 an Anon tells Q that Q's verification or acknowledgment of the "proofs" would be helpful...a request for closer coordination. Q gets it. "Roger that"

🔹 First section:
MSM attacking.
MOSSAD (1st time Q has mentioned, I believe)
Clown = CIA
Because there are 4 open FBI investigations, expect more push back - like a cyberattack on 8chan.

🔹Second section
Encouragement: stay together, united, strong.
((Their)) fear is real. Looks like Q is saying there have been many attempts to sabotage, but good guys were able to regain control or controlled/limited the damage. Q calls on us to be LOUD - "Do not be silent"

Let your voice be heard. Send messages of support for the House Resolution demanding DOJ compliance with oversight. Include @Jim_Jordan @RepMarkMeadows @RepLeeZeldin @RepDeSantis @SpeakerRyan and others.

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