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Jun 13, 2018, 6 tweets

A dynasty secured: How five players led the #Warriors to a title defense that cemented their place in basketball history.

You can call him the Silent Assassin.

When big moments arise, Kevin Durant has proven he’s up for the challenge. And then some.

You can call him Mr. Chill.

Klay Thompson is the #Warriors' rock, their calm center. His temperament and personality make him a true NBA oddity.

You can call him the Preacher.

Whatever needs to be addressed, Draymond Green speaks up — often at oppressive volume, never wary of hurting someone’s feelings.

You can call him the Zen Master.

Stephen Curry's unflappable demeanor, a certain Zen-like calmness, sets an important tone for the #Warriors.

You can call him the Organizer.

Andre Iguodala is one of the guys who sets the tone for the #Warriors. He ties things together. He closes up some holes, he fills in the blanks.

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