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Jun 24, 2018, 44 tweets

Brexit, all that’s happened since June 2016, has no benefits. But after #PeoplesVoteMarch let me say that I consider it my privilege to have been able to meet so many amazing people because of Brexit. They are what keeps me going. All of you are. Together we can #StopBrexit 1/

So here’s a little walk down memory lane, as it were ... told through some events, activities ... and wonderful people. 2/

24 June 2016 ... it was a sad day. But still the message is unchanged ❤️ 3/

I couldn’t go to the first big march as I was away, but been to every one since. And after yesterday I will be at the next one with a million+ of you 💙🇪🇺 4/

And just as an aside ... because it’s all far too connected: I’m not so fond of the orange fascist either. 5/

No matter the weather and all that ... 6/

But, thankfully, in all this time, I only had the idea to go with blue lipstick once ... phew 😅 #StopBlueLipstick 7/

I have no idea what happened here ... 8/

And then there are all those incredible people and things we did ... Speaking on Parliament Square alongside other great speakers such as @JolyonMaugham was one such thing! 9/

Meeting the wonderful @Scotkraut — I’m so glad we did. 10/

Getting this beautiful #EUbeanie from @solsikke66 11/

The amazing March for Europe in Edinburgh earlier in the year. 12/

It’s also where @mikegalsworthy and I learned the hard way what happens when you don’t pay attention and take a selfie during the group photo shoot ... but at least we got a result 🤳 13/

EU migrant girl power with @Elenauk & @maikebohn 14/

Nope. 15/

🤔 16/

Tried the Brexit unicorn 🦄 glasses. Didn’t work. 17/

Speaking in front of the Brandenburg
Gate. 18/

Knowing that the future will be better talking to these amazing girls. 19/

✊✊ with @SODEMAction 20/

More girl power with @citizen689, @Elenauk, @albawhitewolf ... and @Femi_Sorry 21/

Much love for the Young European of the Year @albawhitewolf 22/

A lot of rebel nails. 23/

#WomenAgainstBrexit like @cos_detoma & @_anjaheilmann and the men standing with us like @seanjonesqc & @theCaveDweller2 24/

There also appear to have been a good number of pints 🍺 25/

Al fair bit of DIY. 26/

Meeting so many great politicians and activists everywhere. 27/

I remain inspired by younger activists like @NinaParker — my privilege to speak in Parliament alongside you. 28/

And of course the other amazing women, including @thatginamiller, @JMPSimor, @eloisetodd, @tessmillsy, and @GottgensJess. Thanks to @RupaHuq too! 29/

This is what my home looks like all the time now 😜 30/

The amazing @DemarcationDSGN who did these brilliant t-shirts. 31/

This is my fridge. It knows.
PS: I totally never swear on Twitter like. 32/

Brexit — it’s all about perspective and of that @antoni_UK keeps me on the ball, as it were, for citizens’ rights. 33/

And that’s why I do all I do. They are why I do all I do. We are. Because we are the people too. @The3Million & @BritishInEurope 34/

All of us. Even those not there at #PeoplesVoteMarch 35/

Because #BrexitIsPersonal 36/

And because #BrexitIsPersonal it’s about people. Like all of us fighting for citizens’ rights. 37/

All of our stories like @mccanntb’s story he told us last night. A story about Brexit and the threat it poses to peace in Northern Ireland and what it will mean. A story straight from the heart that made me cry. #BrexitIsPersonal 38/

#BrexitIsPersonal because of how it has turned us into activists. Like the amazing @NicolasHatton 39/

Activists, friends, who inspire each other and look out for each other because #BrexitIsPersonal Or perhaps @ottocrat, @GuitarMoog and I are really just Dan Hannan’s worst nightmare? 40/

Speaking of that ... 🤔 41/

#BrexitIsPersonal because of all the shit it’s thrown at me. And after a day of men discussing my (apparently non-existent) breasts on Twitter, can I just point out that this sign actually belongs to @DemarcationDSGN 🤣🤩 So I guess we reiterate what we said together before: 42/

Two years of this. The bad. The ugly. The beautiful. The love. The standing together. A ride one cannot forget. It’s why #BrexitIsPersonal and that’s why @nickynoo007 is my hero — no matter what else she tells you. 43/

... The ride isn’t over ... so let’s make the a “to be continued” so we can add the part of the story where we made a better future possible. ...

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