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Jun 25, 2018, 25 tweets

Once again the NYT published a blatant propaganda piece using a lot of details found by independent investigators and tries to reverse the findings in a sometimes self-contradicting way.

DISMISS: Of course, NYT M.Browne neither mentions any of the witness accounts nor that #Douma has already "fallen". Most of the Jaish al Islam activists already left or jumped into busses the next day.

DISTORT: They show us rising chlorine and explain later why chlorine do not rise.

DISMISS: They show us the Saraqib-cylinder but do not mention the strange flattening of the dome and flower-like imprint due to an alleged impact in the open field. They do not mention that the valve is missing and that sarin was found in the samples without explainable delivery.

DISTORT: They say that "black residue" proves the use of chlorine but do not mention that the cylinder was lying at an sooted hole that obviously was a chimney for a larger fire. Btw, no known yellow cylinder allegedly used in CW attacks showed black residue incl. NYT examples:

DISTRACT: The NYT mentions the white appearance of the frozen lower side of the cylinder but neither mentions that 1) the cylinder was moved and the apparently sooted area corresponds to the side that originally faced down 2)that at least this part was completely covered with ice

LIE: Once the frozen surface melted the water ran down the cylinder to the lowest point and washed dust and soot away. According to the NYT the chlorine didn't fall into the room but corroded the part in the hole below the ice cover DISMISSing the meaning of the water trails.

DISTRACT: the NYT shows the camera entering the room and DISMISS the plastic bag right below the hole. They also show that plastic bag in bright daylight just to tell you that a 3D model matches the cylinder. They DISMISS that there is no trace of dust on that shiny plastic.

LIE: That plastic cover on top of the rubble without any trace of dust on it and the ash of a fire on the left side of the frame are clear evidence that the hole wasn't caused by that cylinder dropped in that night.

DISMISS: The NYT shows the heavily deformed harness and unfolds and fits it (in 3D) onto the cylinder but the NYT DISMISSes that the almost undeformed cylinder wouldn't allow such deformation. If the harness was separated from the cylinder during fall then it lacks enough energy.

DISMAY: Of course, the @nytimes and @malachybrowne do not mention all the holes in the roofs. It wasn't hard to find an old sooted hole that day. Instead they present opposing statements as "proven" lies of monsters who bombed the entire street away.

According to the @nytimes two helicopters departed at Dumayr at 7:16 / 7:23 pm Sentry Syria reported one departure at 7:23pm and a circling helicopter at 8:25pm. The WH reported CW attacks at 4pm and 8:14pm

There is no hint of a weapon that might have carried CW or chlorine at 4pm. Instead Douma was covered in dust.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul gave a different timeline and stated that a sarin attack took place at about 9pm. That's interesting since the NYT apparently has some insider knowledge about the OPCW findings. An "US offical" told NYT that chlorine and sarin was found in blood samples.

If that is true then for a 2nd time traces of sarin were found. So far nothing is known about how sarin possibly could have been delivered to the house and
why nothing is known about a secondary poisoning of unprotected activists who took photos and displaced bodies.

DISMISS: Allegedly the NYT found imprints of the lattice. No, we found it and the NYT DISMISSed that the imprints are actually scratches. Some of these scratches are scrached through the dust that ran with a fluid across the surface.

The NYT DISTRACTs from a plausible timeline of cylinder and hole:
>old hole>stuff placed on top of rubble>dusty cylinder>rain causes dust to run over surface>pulling over lattice causes scratches>placing at hole>fire sooted hole and cylinder> broken valve>frozen/molten>traces

The @nytimes scenario of ~40 people who smelled chlorine in the basement and ran up the stairs is highly unlikely. Concentrated chlorine is visible. The smell let everyone shy back. From the basement they had to ran out into the street first and no one runs on a blue strecher.

DISTRACT: Did the @nytimes realize that the cylinder had to
a) lose the harness first in order to be "imprinted" by the lattice
b) impact the lattice perfectly horizontal instead of vertical what in return debunks a cricular hole allegedly caused by the "horizontal" impact ???

DISMISS: did the @nytimes realize that their image shows scatches ("imprints") not covered by the dust?
So either the helicopter dropped a cylinder with a dust cover already on the upper side that was "imprinted" on impact or the impact caused dust and was scrached after settled.

DISTRACT: did the @nytimes realize that
-no victim was found at a "water source" but many were piled up in front of the loo?
-no one ran into the opposite flat but some into a flat of the 2nd floor?
-the distribution follows the logic of carrying bodies into the flats in a hurry

DISMISS: did the @nytimes notice that all stuff (including the oven) is clean and packed and the carpets are covered with tarps suggesting that the real residents left a while ago? At the 2nd floor you had to step over a rolled-up carpet to reach the water tap.

Any opinion regarding fire, soot, scratches, missing dust, deformation, distribution, rising and falling chlorine, empty flats, man on stretcher and numerous unmentioned witness accounts @malachybrowne ??? Do you think your video matches the 4D of "Russian" disinformation?

@malachybrowne / @nytimes uses the GMT times of publication and sees a "gadually" melting of the "frost" (actually dust) that was brushed away by the Russian inspection. According to him and @forensicArchi who "closely analyzed that too" the "timing is consistent" with...

...well, there was no witness to the bed cylinder attack. The house owner was in the basement and reported his door was broken. The JaI-friends Doumani (cam01, cam04) and Salah (cam02) filmed that bed probably in the morning of April 8. The images suggest that Doumani was first.

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