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Jun 26, 2018, 10 tweets

@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen This is such stupid and false MAGA bs. As if America used to be more civil. AS IF!

@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen America is as civil as it's ever been. Maybe more so for some. Only if you have the historical white male privilege to have been uncivil without ever having to have uncivil done back to you does it seem like we're less civil.

@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen For most of American history, US has been an incivil place for over half the people living in it.

@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen And for some reason, our press, which remains glib about it when the incivility is committed by white men in power, scolds when far more minor incivilities are committed by those of limited power, the marginalized, the minority, the female.

@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen Speaking of #civility and the press:

Correction to above: pic is mislabeled (not Susan B, not 1872, not USA). Was looking for pics of incident described in this article (of which there are apparently none, though there are drawings).…

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