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Jun 28, 2018, 11 tweets

Dear Younger #QAnon followers.
I am especially talking to those 45 and under.
You will live to see things I could only dream of.
Please read this thread

I was a child when JFK was shot. I can remember my grandmother telling me to watch carefully on TV. I was witnessing history.

The country changed that day.

Headlines said. "Camelot Ended"

I was a young teen when we saw man land on the moon, students shot at Kent State, and the loss of yet another Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

The headlines had been right. Camelot had indeed ended

But my grandmother said. You are witnessing History.

I spent my senior year of high school attending funerals as body bags were shipped home every day to our small town.

I watched the country torn apart by demonstrations and anger.
(much like now- History repeats itself)

I watched Nixon be impeached.
I lived through the gas lines of Jimmy Carter.
Watched the Mullah's take over Iran and take American Hostages

I watched the Day Reagan said Tear down that wall, and saw every minute of the first Gulf war on TV.

I lived through Nixon and Clintons impeachments.
I know very clearly what Watergate was about.
I also know what Whitewater was about.
(the news used to actually cover things)

I was there for 911 and so much more.

They were all very big things.

I remember when we worried about nuclear war with Russia and being told to duck under our desks if it happened.

Why do I tell you this..you might ask #QAnon?

I tell you because you are witnessing history.
Just like my grandmother told me many years ago.

Consider me the grandmother telling you.

Pay close attention #Qanons
Keep mementos and notes.
You will tell your grandchildren one day.

That you lived through one of the biggest times in American History!
This is as big as anything I have seen.

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