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Jun 28, 2018, 8 tweets

6 Months After GOP Tax Scam for the Rich, House Republicans Target Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions/1
#ProtectOurCare #PreExistingConditions #GOPTaxScam

6 months ago, House Republicans passed their Tax Scam for the rich, which ransacked the future of our children to hand massive handouts to big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent./2 #GOPTaxScam #GOPCorruption #GOPGreed

Now, the GOP’s true cynicism is on full display, as Republicans are using the tax scam’s attacks on key ACA provisions to justify a lawsuit to destroy protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions./3 #ProtectOurCare #PreExistingConditions #GOPTaxScam

If the Republicans get their way, 130 million Americans with health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, mental health or substance abuse will once more be subjected to unfettered discrimination that could deprive them of coverage/4 #ProtectOurCare #PreExistingConditions

..condemn them to a lifetime’s worth of staggering medical bills and push their families into devastating bankruptcy/5 #ProtectOurCare #MedicalBankruptcies #GOPGreed

Nearly 68 million women and girls nationwide would be targeted, including millions of pregnant women. This latest attempt to revive the cruelest provisions of Trumpcare makes clear that Americans’ health care will never be safe with Republicans in control of Washington/6

Meanwhile, despite all the Republicans’ boasting and bragging, just 4 percent of American workers have seen any kind of one-time bonus or wage increase/7 #GOPLies #GOPTaxScam #fraud

More than 60 percent of American voters say the GOP tax scam for the rich will either have a negative impact or no effect at all on their families – as the wealthy and well-connected rake in their windfalls:/8 #GOPTaxScam #GOPLies #BlueWaveIsComing2018

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