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Jun 29, 2018, 10 tweets

Microchip, Roger Stone, John Cardillo, Kurt Schlichter, RT, Sputnik, The Federalist, Steve King and now Laura Loomer are all telling us the new Civil War is coming or already here.

Why is @MSNBC's Malcolm Nance pushing the same message?

#TeamPillowForts #WhoFundsGhostOfStew

I like posting receipts, so I figured I would share them now. It's important to show your work, of course.

Microchip says they'll "bring down the Western world as you know it" despite all the people trying to prevent this. Okay then.

Roger Stone said, "if there is an illegal attempt to remove the president,” he says, “you’re going to have a civil war in this country.”

An "illegal attempt" being whatever Roger Stone, frequent guest of RT and co-host of Infowars, decides it is.

From:johncardillo "Civil War"


from:KurtSchlichter civil war


Russia Today (RT):


Russian state-owned propaganda outlet #2 on our list, Sputnik News.


The Federalist, which is a bag fan of hit pieces on Bob Mueller and the FBI lately, says, "This idea of breaking up the country may seem a bit outlandish now, but you won’t think so once real domestic unrest comes to your town."

Kremlin talking points.

Steve King is a big fan of Marine Le Pen, Dana Rohrabacher, Trump & Bannon.

Steve King said Vladimir Putin was a better leader than Barack Obama.

King is also predicting Civil War 2.0, along with Stone, Cardillo, Schlichter, RT, Sputnik, Federalist etc.

So, I ask again:

Why is @MSNBC's Malcolm Nance pushing the same message as Kremlin propaganda outlets and mouthpieces ?

Go outside. Talk to a few strangers. Are they all "preparing for civil war" right now?

No? Then why try to make it seem that way to a national audience?

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