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Jul 1, 2018, 22 tweets

1. What are you doing to spread #Indic culture? (2 min #TweetThread)

2. Fascinating backstory to #BhaskarsArtsAcademy in #Singapore; an institution older than Singapore itself.

3. It was started by KP Bhaskar & his wife Santha Bhaskar in the 1950’s…

4.That’s them dancing together back in the 50’s. Imaging sharing your biggest passion with your spouse. 💕💕💕

5. Over 60 years on, they continue to teach and train kids in vocal, instrumental and dance forms. Cuteness overload!

6.Their performance this weekend had students aged 4 to 22. Some of their "students" are MUCH older.

7.For the Indian #diaspora, a fascinating way to reconnect their kids with India. Whether it is #bharatanatyam

8.… or #Kathak

9.Not just Indians, but bringing Indian arts to the world. Here is the #multicultural audience from their show in 1958…

10.…where they performed a fusion Indian-Chinese number. The first time #bharatanatyam was used in a Chinese show.

11.Their contribution to Indian culture is VERY well respected in Singapore. Here is the couple with the former President & his wife.

12.The Singapore government even issued a stamp in their honor.

13.Hopefully, the Indian government will also honour the contribution of such #NRI’s. I hope @narendramodi ji is listening. 😉

14.While KP Bhaskar ji has passed on, Santha ji continues to train and inspire till today (at the grand young age of ~80). Not just alone, but with her family…

15.… here are 3 generations of dance-teachers. Santha ji with her daughter and granddaughters who ALL teach.

16. Here is my friend Mohan, CEO of Bhaskar Academy; who humbly sits in the 3rd row. The first row always reserved for teachers/gurus and parents. Hats off! 👏

17.What he lacks in hair, he makes up with humility and wisdom 😉, bringing new-age practices to the academy.

18.Bhaskars: The passionate, dedicated family; fuelled by #StreeShakti that has been flying the flag for #Indic Culture in Singapore for 6 decades. It is literally their lives’ work.

19. Do me a favor pls. Next time a so-called “expert” gives you gyan, or invites you for a vanity-conference; ask him the fundamental question (that I started with)…

20. “Sir, What are you DOING to spread #Indic culture?”… coz you now know of someone that seriously DID.

21. @ThreadReaderApp unroll pls

22. Show this thread to people that are always waiting for Govt to do things.
Remember, if you REALLY care about something, YOU Have to get it DONE.

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