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1a Let’s look into the future together!
Shall we?
Looking round the cross section of the majority of twitter users, in the next 10 years, majority would be married, 20 years after the wedding, 4 out of 10 people won’t have kids,


4 will have kids with varying levels of deformities, 1 will be dead and 1 will have a healthy kid.

To ensure this is true,

#climatechange #SmartFarm #SmartCity

2a In Bode community, Ikadama area of Bayelsa state, you will see rivers over taken by oil spillage, most of their fishes are dead, a few have fishes in their rivers, where they still go fishing, when you take these fishes and cut them open, you will see oil,

they go on to cook this because the alternative for them is starvation. The proof that those in authority knows this is the sign post. This represents only one area, scattered across the Niger Delta region, this is their similar fate for their water bodies.

Just in case the water bodies aren’t polluted enough, we have gas flares from out refineries to ensure there is enough SO and CO in the air, this is the equivalent of living in a burning house!

This beyond polluting the atmosphere, the gases also combine with rain to for acidic rain which contributes to the destruction of the soil!

#Climatechange #SmartFarm #SmartCity

Food is important, food is needed to ensure our survival, yet the process of food production in Nigeria and other developing nations is but a slow poison to man and nature. Agriculture today thrives on deforestation as a means to get virgin lands,

we forget the trees we are cutting down are meant to help mop up the CO,Even when we say cut a tree and plant another, this is not really effective as a tree wil take 25 years to grow, thus the CO would've built up, the soil particles the tree holds together would also be lost

& erosion will have its way. Deforestation seem to b vital 4 fuel production especially for the poor amongst us. In jigawa, a single bakery uses a tree daily, with about 300 bakeries in the state,that amounts to well over 100,000 trees annually just for the production of bread

Farmers have developed the habit of bush burning, thereby destroying diversity of the land and also increasing the CO levels drastically. As farmers, we are the largest contributor to global warming.

#SmartFarm #SmartCity #climatechange

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth, these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women empowerment.

#climatechange #SmartCity

Global warming is not a future threat, it is the present day reality. We must understand the biggest risk to our growth as a nation is climate change.

Climate change might look like something happening there, not here! Or something others should worry about but not you!

This is Nigeria as at today, from the map (showing vulnerable index of Nigeria to climate change) you notice because of desertification, we are loosing land from the North, from down south, rivers are over flowing their banks as it is now the norm

to hear of water inside people’s houses! If this is not addressed we will lose Lagos and Rivers state to water!
Have you noticed that the rainy season this year isn’t what it used to be? According to Nigeria Metrological Agency, in 2017 only Ikeja Lagos had the normal rainfall

what this means is every other place had either too much rainfall or too little, and since this will affect the farmer, this will invariably affect our food. I am sure you can attest to the fact the heat this year was worse than last year.


Fans and aircondition did little to help, but the unasked question is - where is the fan and AC for the plants?

Which would we rather be as a nation? An hungry free man or a well fed slave? While I understand both options would be a No-No,

yet the reality is with the unpredictability of weather, soil degradation through deforestation, bush burning, oil spillage, gas flaring, add to this desertification and land encroachment by water, agriculture will suffer the most!,

and Nigerians will become a hungry & free, as a means to ensure survival we will open our boarders to anyone who can feed us (quality isn't the goal but quantity aka survival) and whomever feeds you owns you, so we become a well fed slave
Being well fed slave isn’t the worst!

The impact of climate change and the factors bringing out this will affect foetus, children, the ill and elderly the most. The carcinogens in the gas flares will affect genes as mutations of varying degrees will happen, these carcinogens will be catastrophic when you remember

our health sector is but in shambles! The fertilzers, herbicides, and fungicides run off find their way to our water, the excess usage or abuse of these chemicals will also have it deposited in our food, such that every plate of food is but a poison to our systems.

This will affect the youths, kill the unborn, and help reduce life expectancy.

There is role the government should play, but I would rather focus on what I am doing, and what you can do

#SmartFarm #SmartCity #Climatechange

We are building climate smart farms, the average age of the Nigerian farmer is 60, to bring youths into agriculture, we chose the concept of the BIG B, breathe, having life is important but not enough, so on our farms we provide free bread – food; as a youth,

what to eat is a concern as a young graduate, we provide BED – shelter – on graduation you don’t want to go live with your parents, you want to independent without owing any one a dime, on our farm, we give you free food and shelter.

Then we give free bandwidth, 24 hours internet service, 24 hours light and for the youth this is enticing but not enough. We also push for soilless farming technology, where we grow our crops without using soil, thus we have remote controlled farms,

and not farms dependent on hoes and cutlasses, we push for precision agriculture.We are able to monitor the events of the farm and the health of the plants remotely from the phone. We are practicing a farming system that's healthy for the farmer, the consumer & the environment

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