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Jul 1, 2018, 11 tweets

We have seen our country take a nosedive into becoming "Fourth Reich."

United States of America is now running internment camps.

Our concern now is all the children who are in these camps.

➡️So, where did they come from & why did their parents bring them here?


Tornillo, TX is on US/Mexico border. There is “tent city facility” setup there. Facility is housing 326 children (312 boys, 14 girls):

162 from Guatemala

117 from Honduras

40 from El Salvador

4from “other countries”

3 from Mexico



So if less than 1% are from Mexico, why?

Reason - out of 195 countries:

El Salvador has 2nd highest rate of violent deaths.

Honduras has 4th highest rate of violent deaths.

Guatemala has 17th highest rate of violent deaths.




We're being told all these people “pouring into the US” are Mexican drug dealers, rapists, murderers, “bad hombres.”

But it just isn’t true.

#LiesMatter #TruthMatters


Think about when a major hurricane comes to FL - people pack up their vehicles & evacuate, out of caution, especially those w/children...just in case. Depending on situation, people typically travel 50-500 Miles (driving to inland Florida or Atlanta/Tennessee).


Now imagine it’s a hurricane that's firing bullets randomly & people are dying all around you in your neighborhood every day.

And you have children.

What would you do to protect them?

#ImmigrantChildren #FamiliesBelongTogether


Parents aren’t taking their children, leaving everything to walk, raft, swim for ~2,000 miles to get to U.S. just to “get free hand outs”/“take our jobs.”

VAST MAJORITY of people coming to U.S. are seeking refugee status/asylum.


US Legal Definitions:…

Don't get caught up in just agreeing w/everything someone says/does because it's your you voted for.

If they do something wrong, it's human nature to try to defend your vote.

But don’t put pride and ego ahead of intellect.
Especially when it hurts PEOPLE.


Any time you have large # of people there'll be some bad apples.
There’s reason you’ve never seen actual statistics showing someone coming here as refugee/seeking asylum is any more likely to commit a crime than anyone else.



MOST people coming to our borders w/children are doing it for same reasons all other people evacuate.

They’re doing it to protect their loved ones.

And they’re doing it in way that's consistent w/U.S. Refugee & Asylum laws.
#TruthMatters #PeopleMatter #GetTheFacts


I want to credit @MikeHarlos with putting much of this together.

I am forever grateful to people like Mike, who keep trying to bring clarity to the information chaos deluging Americans today.

Speak the truth, live the truth.

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