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Jul 2, 2018, 11 tweets

“It is our mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us
Our thoughts CREATE our reality, our thoughts make things Positive
The world is in our own minds
Learn to see things with a Positive Attitude”

#WalkAway from the Negative Democrats

Serious question for anybody who can answer 🤔

If people you know who are always commiting Crimes, do you #WalkAway or do you become an accomplice in their crimes?

Democrats have no issue breaking Laws to get elected, Don't break the Law, be a #LawAbidingCitizen

📢#BreakingNews 📢
TERRORISM: Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq was arrested for planning to pack a van with explosives in a July 4th attack in Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you to the @FBI for Preventing this Terrorists Attack…

private school in NYC is planning on segregating their students by race

Martin Luther King's dream is still alive even with the Democrats trying to wedge us apart with identity politics. He saw it then, that’s why he was a Republican

WHY do you think Twitter is hiding the FACT that Millions are tweeting about the #WalkAway from the Democrats?🤔

Does this EXPOSE Twitter/Jack of "CENSORSING" the Truth Conservatives give while they allow the illegal Activity of Democrats? 🤔


Democrats are allergic to FACTS
It’s why we The People elected @realDonaldTrump

No matter your past mistakes we welcome anybody to support our founding REPUBLIC of The United States of America
#WalkAway from the Democrats who choose CRIMINALS over US CITIZENS


Capitol police just arrested a man who wanted to kill @RandPaul & “chop his family with an axe”

Maxine Waters, if anything happens to Republicans, it’s on you for "Inciting" Democrats to harm SUPPORTERS of @realDonaldTrump

#WalkAway from DEMOCRATS

Best #WalkAway From the Democrats letter I’ve ever read

Submitted as a thread for #WalkAwayMovement

#VoteRepublican we welcome ALL Law Abiding U.S. Citizens

President @realDonaldTrump & every govt official & law enforcement takes a sacred oath to defend the Constitution & laws of our nation
Entering United States illegally is a CRIME that will be fully & vigorously prosecuted

Are California officials breaking Federal laws?

California has given out MILLIONS drivers licenses to illegal NON-Citizens

The DL is kept if illegals vote Democrats

Democrats ONLY get elected by illegals committing #VoterFraud

#Retweet if YOU or Someone You know has #WalkAway from the Democrats

Click 🗨 Reply to give your Reason Why

Thank you all who understand how hard @Twitter/@Jack is trying to hide the FACT of MILLIONS exercising "FREE THINKING" that Democrats Hate people for

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