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My friend has undertaken a remarkable initiative to share stories of great Indian women who fought valiantly with Mughals. I am sharing 1st one thru this thread. It's imp for us to know this as it was intentionally not covered in our history books. Do read,share

RANI TARABAI ( 1675-1761)
Maratha Kingdom began with Shivaji in 1674. Tarabai, daughter -in-law of Shivaji defended the Maratha empire, after her husband’s death, against the mighty Aurangzeb for 7 years until his death.

During that period the Maratha Empire went from strength to strength. Maharani Tarabai Bhonsle (1675-1761) led the Maratha Empire in the 27 year war with the Mughals after the death of her husband Rajaram Chhatrapati, son of Shivaji, the originator of the Martha Kingdom.

In 1689 Shambhuji, elder son of Shivaji & his wife were killed by Mughals after Raigad Fort fell to the Mughals. Raigad was the central base of Shiva ji. Yesubai & her son Shahu were captured & held by Mughals. Rajaram had fled Raigad at that time and went to Gingee in Tamil Nadu

Mughals had thought that it would not be difficult to overcome two young children and a helpless woman. They thought their enemy weak, contemptible and helpless. But Tarabai showed great command and governance and day by day the war spread and the power of the Marathas increased.

Tarabai single handedly directed the Maratha resistance against the massive army of Aurangzeb, then the mightiest and most barbaric ruler in the World. Under her rule, the army established rule up to southern Karnataka.

She was skilled in cavalry movements and make strategic decisions herself. She personally led the forces and continued to fight the Mughals. By 1705 Marathas had crossed the Narmada river and made incursions in to Malwa.

It's said that her administrative genius&strength of character saved Marathas from crumbling. Aurangzeb died in 1707 and soon after Mughals sent Shahu,son of her brother in law who they kept under arrest to demand her right to Maratha Empire. This would b under Mughal scrutiny.

Meanwhile Tarabai set up a rival court in Kohlapur but Shambuji, Rajaram’s second wife’s son took control & put Tarabai & her son in prison for 16 yrs. Shahu took her out & kept under house arrest. After Shahu fell ill,Tarabai returned to command the Marathas. She was now 73 yrs.

She had kept her grandson in hiding but brought back & sworn him as new heir before Shahu’s death. In 1749 he ascended the throne. By 1760 Marathas practically controlled almost all of India. In 1761 Tarabi died & Ahmed Shah Abdali decimated Maratha army in 3rd Battle of Panipat.

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