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Jul 3, 2018, 28 tweets

1. Lee @stranahan reports AWAN deal says that he can't be charged with any previous non-violent crime. WTF??

#QAnon drops:

Think it's gonna be litigated in this setting?
Most Sr elected officials (treason) handled by the appr office.

2. June's IG report indicated that Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom #HRC had direct contact using her account. How did #QAnon know who all exactly 13 were last January? #Q…

3. #QAnon Why does @POTUS repeatedly refer to 13 Angry Democrats? There are at least 18 prosecutors on Muellar's team. #Q

4. #QAnon told us what came out in IG report: For his FBI work, James Comey used private gmail drafts. "They all had them...Why did the entire Hussein admin use private emails?"

5. Now #QAnon asks us what’s missing in the IG report: The treason committed in Gmail drafts btwn "13 Angry Democrats", top Hussein Cabinet plottting seditious election subversion, and coup attempt to stop @realDonaldTrump by any means necessary including w foreign bad actors. #Q

6. #QAnon: Would the Awan role in the treason "be litigated in this (DC Fed Court) setting?"

"We have the server.

7. #QAnon- Would Awan pleading guilty to Bank Fraud connect the pay-to-play cabal enabling foreign bad actors paid access to Nation's security assets? RICO laws, treason?

America for sale.

"The SWAMP is being DRAINED.

8. Anon: Awan's state charges're just a delay tactic until the main indictments are unsealed. #QAnon responds that Awan's "no finding" of stealing gov data/equipment is due to

"Matters of National Security.…📁

They have server.…

10. #QAnon: Awan's plea deal and House Top Cop - How could both be true?


11. #Qanon Awan'll not be charged w non-violent criminal offense in violation of Fed or DC law which was committed in DC by Awan prior to the execution of plea deal AND about which Awan made prosecution aware prior to execution of the plea. #Q

12. The fuller meaning of #QAnon's post hrs before the Awan plea entry now becomes much more clear: #Q was forecasting a #MockingbirdMedia #Clown op, Stormy weather, fake & coordinated, as usual.

@POTUS' "#ConspiracyTheories"


13. Here's how #QAnon's forecast worked for the op on the ground: Real journalists like Goodman, Webb, Stranahan, etc. were shielded from reporting whereas #Clowns'd fed story & interview in advance to C_A/Bezos/WaPo. #Q: "Think this was going to be litigated in this setting?"

14. To #QAnon's point: Federal Marshall shields Jason Goodman from Awan's exit from courthouse, but Jason & Marshall have an interesting exchange, under watch of 2 more agents in background. Pravda. #Q

15. #QAnon notes another resignation added to the list: Deputy AG [Rosenstein]'s right-hand man, Assoc Deputy AG Scott Schools "leaving for private sector job".

National Public [Soviet Socialist] Radio (NPR) calls it "brain drain"; DOJ "Trump attack".…

16. #QAnon "For yrs, Schools worked w DOJ David Margolis, known as "Yoda". When Margolis died of "heart-related illness" 5 days after #SethRich's murder, DOJ brass asked Schools to fill shoes."

"Divide they try.
Fail they will."
Everything's meaning.

17. #QAnon'd told us 6/15/18 "proofs forthcoming AF1 (inside)". 7/3/18 @POTUS departs #AirForceOne at 17:31 en route Greenbrier Valley Airport. At 17:39 #Q shared 2 pics, one from inside #AF1 that made an Apple symbol shape.

18. Was #QAnon's blurry picture "WelcomeAboard.png" really taken inside #AirForceOne? This sent the anons and shills both scrambling. First step, rotate the picture upright.

19. Next step to decoding #QAnon comes from an anon who takes a similar sort of shot using his phone to photograph the lamp reflected from the shiny back of his wife's iphone 10. #Q

20. Recognizing #QAnon's pic is a picture of a reflection taken like a selfie, the image is reversed & aligned to vertical. #Q

21. An anon then shows that #QAnon's post superimposes on top of a stock Obama-era photo of #AirForceOne. #Q

22. Dick Durbin'd let slip that @realDonaldTrump had 2 iPhones - 1 for calls, 1 for Twitter. #QAnon #Qproof

"Who'd've thought the 'Twitter' phone could be so useful.
Do 'reflections' violate NAT SEC rules?
..Image provided here has been distorted (stretched).

23. #QAnon

"Trolling is fun.
Hussein/Trump interior = identical minus small changes.
(World) news in rear literally placed same prior to each departure.
Placing that mug holder near the lamp was the hook.

24. Most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…

25. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread:

26. #QAnon drops a photo of a United 747. Most airlines have now phased them out, though #AirforceOne is a 747, as will be new #AF1. Many believe #Q's focus on planes is in part related to rescue of #Clown sabotage including last week's JFK incident.

27. #QAnon relates another pic to the United plane, titled "United_HK_IDEN_T3902.png", asking us

"Who do you see?

Many believe it is Prince William in Hong Kong…

28. #QAnon: Disinfo's real & necessary. Answering in iterations yields the bigger picture. Forward-backward-forward. Nov 4 2017 Antifa uprising was a nonstarter, but change in Saudi Arabia was epic. #Q links to JFK's reading declaration of independence.

29. #QAnon Tip Top Tippy Top: Here is the BRAND NEW "Ballad of #Q" thanks to lyrics by Vibratron_1!

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