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Jul 3, 2018, 12 tweets

It's been 15 months and change since I wrote this piece @theweeklings on The Six Emerging Villains of Trump/Russia.

Let's check back in with our Seditious Sextet...a lot has changed in the last 15 months, none of it good for Trump.


1/ The first Villain: PAUL MANAFORT, Trump's campaign chair from May-Aug 2016.

Paulie's currently in prison in Warsaw, Va., awaiting trial on a bevy of charges, including Conspiracy Against the United States. He will likely die there.


2/ Villain #2: MIKE FLYNN.

Celebrated by some @GOP who are cool w/treason, the disgraced former general & DIA head pleaded guilty to lying to FBI—although he's guilty of a lot more. He's cooperating w/Mueller & will be sentenced at summer's end. I'm hearing 3-5.


3/ The Third Man: our AG, one Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

Because he recused himself and is likely Mueller's mole, he's "only" guilty of Logan Act violations. Oh, and perjury.


4/ Villain #4: Michael Cohen. You know, the Russian mobster w/a JD whose offices, home, & hotel room were raided.

His entire defense strategy involves Trump ramming home a new justice who won't let NY state try him after a presidential pardon (!).



5/ No. 5 is Jared Kushner. Why are his indictments still under seal?

It occurs to me: b/c he's still grifting, and every day he grifts is another year or two in the clink. His own petard, he's hoisted by. When they come for him, the earth will SHAKE.


6/ For Number Six, I had Trump himself. REAL Donald Trump.

Spiler alert: he remains mobbed up and guilty.

#somuchwinning #cantstandthewinning

7/ In my piece, I don't mention Roger Stone, who the tea leaves suggest is probably the next Trumpist to get busted.


8/ I also didn't bother with Junior, because my take was that he's a complete moron. Which may be true, but he's also the most obviously guilty of the lot, thanks to the Trump Tower meeting w/the Russians.

#winning #MAGA

9/ So that's the Hateful Eight: Manafort, Flynn, Sessions, Cohen, Kushner, Stone, and Donald Trump pere et fils.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is in MORE legal trouble now than they were. One's in the hoosegow, one will be by the fall.

10/ Remember where this began, and take note of where we are now. Russian ties CONFESSED TO. Key players INDICTED, JAILED, PLEADING GUILTY.

I know there are times when stuff is bleak, but WE ARE WINNING.

And we WILL prevail.

Come out tonight, if you're in Woodstock.

Thanks, and KEEP THE FAITH!


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