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Jul 4, 2018, 68 tweets

72) #Qanon posted an excerpt from the article where Devin Nunes was quoted.
The Obama admin engaged in a lot of backchannel comms, trying to fly below the radar.

73) #Qanon reposted a crumb about the Five Eyes which suggested that people like Hillary keep their security clearances so they can get information from other countries (within the Five Eyes) without having their activities logged.

74) #Qanon reposted a drop from April 22nd with a link to an interview with Devin Nunes who said the official Five Eyes report showed no targeting of candidate Trump.
(Nunes' suspicion is that all communications were done covertly.)

75) Here's the link #Qanon posted. (Go to the 3:30 mark.)…

73) Previously, #Qanon said the Five Eyes [FVEY] were relevant but not the focus. Now, it seems they will be the focus.

74) Background on the Five Eyes.

75) An anon collected prior drops from #Qanon about the Five Eyes.

76) #Qanon wrote:
[RR] deadline?
We have the server.

Rosenstein's deadline to produce the documents Congress requested is July 6.

My guess is, he won't comply.
(They're classified.)

Will Congress demand that the docs be declassified?

77) Who has the power to declassify them all?

78) And which server does the #Qanon team have?
Is it this one?…

79) #Qanon posted a list of headlines about the President's former attorney Michael Cohen.
The headlines (and stories) are nearly identical.
Almost as if someone sent out a message [4am] to the mockingbird media dictating the narrative that day.

80) An anon posted a tweet by Lee Stranahan about Imran Awan's plea deal.
People are understandably concerned that Awan is getting off with a slap on the wrist.
But Awan is not the main target of the scandal.
Members of Congress are.

81) Although there's been a media blackout on the #AwanScandal (with the exception of @lukerosiak), don't think the issue is being ignored. They've been told not to cover the story but the President has tweeted about it repeatedly. It's on the radar of those who matter.

82) #Qanon said previously they have the server.
Was he referring to the DNC server?…

83) Imran Awan could have been charged with theft of government property, espionage or other crimes but #QAnon noted he pled to bank fraud.
You get a plea deal when you cooperate with investigators.
Awan has likely provided testimony about the Democrats who hired him.

84) #Qanon asked us to think about the gravity of the #AwanScandal and if it would make sense to have the case against the Democrats who hired him litigated in DC.
Could objective Grand Juries be empanelled?
What about judges & prosecutors?

85) As we've noted previously, Jeff Sessions chose to prosecute the swamp outside of DC, where fair trials could be conducted. It's possible that the prosecution of those who hired the Awans is being handled by John Huber.

86) But since #Qanon said the charges could involve treason, it's equally possible that the prosecution will be done in a military court. That approach would avoid problems with media coverage.

87) An anon weighed in on the #AwanScandal
It's been my theory that the Awan prosecution has been delayed to move it closer to the midterms.

88) #Qanon said the #AwanScandal involves matters of National Security. That means evidence has to be presented so as not to compromise sensitive information, sources or methods.

Q posted a link to a DOJ page describing how classified information must be handled in such cases.

89) If you're interested in learning how classified information is handled in court, this is a good read.

90) If you read the above article, you'll find legal terms you may not be familiar with. Ex parte is one of them. It describes a legal proceeding where one of the parties is not present. (The issuance of an emergency no-contact order is a common example.)

91) Another term you may not be familiar with in "in camera."
It describes a proceeding that takes place in a private setting. The press and public are not present.

92) #Qanon posted a link to an article about the resignation of Tom Schools, an Associate Deputy Attorney General.

Is the swamp being drained?

94) #Qanon posted this quote from the article (which was not written by him.)

95) On June 30, #Qanon posted this.

96) Coincidence?

97) An anon posted this meme.

98) In response, #Qanon posted this image... which led to a heated discussion on the board.

99) #Qanon

100) #Qanon

101) #Qanon

102) An anon overlayed the image on a stock photo of Air Force 1 and said the photo Q posted was not an original. #Qanon

103) #Qanon

104) #Qanon

105) #Qanon

105) #Qanon

106) #Qanon

107) #Qanon

108) #Qanon

109) #Qanon


111) #Qanon

112) An anon posted this.
(GEOTUS = God Emperor of the United States)

113) An anon responded.

114) #Qanon responded.

115) An anon responded to #Qanon

116) Another anon responded to #Qanon.

117) #Qanon said Air Force One is set up nearly identical under Trump as it was under Obama. News magazines are placed every time the plane departs.
He suggested that the mug holder's placement was strategic.

118) #Qanon

119) #Qanon posted this pic.
(There has been no confirmation on the board yet about its relevance.)

120) Here's a closer look.

121) #Qanon posted this and asked, "Who do you see?"

122) Here's a closer look at the photo #Qanon posted.
(There have been a few guesses by the anons but no confirmation yet.)

123) #Qanon posted this. It's part of a drop from November 9, 2017, and serves as a reminder that on occasion, disinformation is necessary.

Disinformation is used to confuse, distract and yes, irritate the enemies of Q and POTUS.

#Qanon also included a link to a Youtube video.

124) Here's #Qanon's link.

125) This is the entire drop that #Qanon posted in November (minus a graphic).

The reference to US ML, NG and SA are explained in other drops.

126) But first, some are probably wondering who the enemies of #QAnon and POTUS are.
Black hats in the intelligence community frequent 4chan and 8chan.

127) On November 2nd, 2017, #Qanon posted this about Saudia Arabia.

124) The next day, November 3rd, #Qanon posted this about Saudi Arabia.

124) The following day, November 4th, 11 Saudi princes were arrested including Alwaleed Bin Talal, one of the wealthiest men in the world.

125) #Qanon made reference to posts about the military and National Guard (NG) that were made around the same time. This post was from October 31, 2017. Q warned whoever was listening that the military and National Guard were ready for their shenanigans.

126) Why would #Qanon make such an announcement about the National Guard if it were not true?

Because Antifa and other Soros supported groups were threating to violently overthrow the President the weekend of November 4th.…

127) Part of #Qanon's mission is to provide advance warning of real events like the arrest of the Saudi Princes.

Another part of the mission is to provide disinformation to the enemies of Q and the President as was seen with the National Guard posts.

128) FYI - #QAnon sometimes signs his posts with the titles of films, books or other keywords such as "patriots fight."

You can view these coded signatures as the names of operations—each a part of Q's mission that will be revealed over time.

130) Have a blessed Independence Day!


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