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Cutesy viral video, or the unconscious bubbling-up of Stanley Kubrick's Magical Mystery Time Travel Tour Meta-Narrative? /thread…

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Now see this scene in the real Hot Tub Time Machine for stone-cold confirmation of The Trope (linking BEARS with TIME TRAVEL):

Note that The Bear appears exactly when Chuck D raps about 'the CIA,' (0:56) right in the middle of a homoerotic booze-guzzling debauch ritual that sends Rosemary's Baby / Malkovich Puppeteer (John Cusack) back in Time. Also note the MASKS of prominent USA Presidential Actors.

"God, I'd give anything for a drink. I'd give my goddamned soul for just a glass of beer." - Jack Torrance, at the 'bar' asking for 'beer'.

'Beer' & 'Bar' both sound a lot like Bear. In fact, in Dutch, 'beer' = Bear.

At least one other director had the same idea - from CAPOTE

What word is perfectly etched in the negative-space of the railing above Danny's head in the shot when Wendy sees the bruises on his neck?

What's on the Saul Bass-designed poster, lurking like a King in Yellow just a perceptual-twist away from the distorted image of a frightened child's face?

What are the names of the husband/wife duo who created the Berenstain Bears? What is the name of Stan Kubrick's step-brother & executive producer?

Just what exactly is a 'Bear Stain', & what's it doing in a children's book series, and how did the 'Bear Stain Bears' wind up the center of a universe-altering / time-travel related mainstream conspiracy theory?

Look at these shots from TWIN PEAKS s3 for about 20 minutes, then ask: what is Big Ed eating? What is that little slip of paper? Why is there a giant BEAR present? & why does this scene conclude with a 'time slip'? (Big Ed sees his reflection 'out of sync' w/ himself)

Is it a coincidence that the shape & sickly color of Big Ed's soup, along with the close proximity of a BEAR, a TIME JUMP, & the USA (via Presidential Masks / Flag), matches neatly with the shape and color of the Hot Tub Time Machine?

What does the USA have to do with Time Travel? It's a coincidence I assume that the latin word for Bear is URSA—as in Ursa Major, 'The Great Bear', the Original Subliminal Bear—which, see, URSA is the USA, plus (or minus) Plan 'R'.

#cryptokubrology #batshitcrazy #maybenottho

"What's that little slip of paper?" - everyone wonders about Jack Torrance, time traveller, archonic ambassador

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