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Jul 5, 2018, 14 tweets

As we head in July, we are about to meet the Mad Hatter. The term Mad Hatter comes from hat maker who used mercury in making hats, making them insane.

In chapter 7, time stops at 6. Now it's always Tea time...What did we have yesterday? A party, a celebration. Chapter 7 is the most famouse chapter.
MH asks the liddle riddle, "Why is a Raven like a writing-desk?" A riddle we (Alice) are to solve. Key=Server
June 6 [RR]

At this point Alice=Q+Anons is about to morph into Q+Anons+Sleepy public.
The tea party (1st half of July) is loaded with Q drops to begin the awakening for the reveal of the Server (Key to Queens garden)
Trump meeting with Queen later this month?…

Q's post yesterday reminds us distraction is necessary. The Mad Hatter tea party is full of distraction, riddle to solve, look over there, [where], think mirror. Why?
Wonderland = sinking ship

This month, a new batch of Clinton emails have been released, revealing a mysterious figure going by the initials MH (Mad Hatter) as the Land of Alice is referenced too. Now we find out who Hillary's Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter is.
Martey Torrey
UK Connection

This month is much to do about time too
Chapter 7 AiW
Time is stopped at 6 (tea time)
Mad Hatter is trapped in tea time.
Time is not an it, but a him.
Time is not a mechanical process
but a living process

Why do they cover themselves in Gold
Why Gold Watches

Why is a watch that was worn by a hung spy suddenly important 52 yrs later...
It's time the truth was revealed.…

Timing is everything.
How can you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth.
Truth is being "forced" out.
RR is being forced out
Scott Schools is being forced out.
Dark to Light
Why did Jesus say, Verily I say?
Verily (speaking from the spirit of truth)

Today, is a good time for Mr Rosenstein, to be brought up on contempt charges, since all the procedures have been put in place. [RR-out]
Stage is set, build is near finished, now the real show begins.
Show time

As per Q, David Margolis was the Yoda of the Justice Dept.
Margolis, famously questioned the "suicide" of Vince Foster.
When Margolis died in July of 2016 (bought the time of the TARMAC meeting),
Scott Schools, replaced him.
Obit from Time…

Everything has meaning

Obama's last Halloween at the White House...

Do you see what I see?


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