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Jul 5, 2018, 10 tweets

Pro-abortion women starting “sex strike” to save abortions @PPact

Democrats plan to save abortions to practice abstinence? 🤔

80% of RAPES are by illegal immigrants
#WalkAway from Democrats who choose illegals over U.S. CITIZENS raped by illegals

As democrats celebrate Trump baby blimp in London here are FACTS

❗️London is the #ShariaLaw Acid attack capital of the world

❗️London had more murders than NYC in February & March

❗️Refugees Raping CITIZENS at Record High

democrats have become so unhinged that they want to abolish @ICEgov, who arrests the murderous MS-13 gang

I can't wait to vote this November & stop democrats from bringing MS-13 Criminals into our country
#WalkAway from democrats

Just days ago, the @FBI Arrested a radical Islamic terrorist attack to blow up a van in Cleveland, Ohio

If you see something suspicious -- an unattended bag or someone wearing hot clothes this Summer -- report it immediately to police

#WalkAway from DEMOCRATS

It should be SAFE in America to show OUR support of President Trump

Democrats will physically harm you, stalk you, smear you & try to have you & your loves ones fired, hunted, & harassed

Any Republicans get hurt it's due to maxine waters instructing them

President @realDonaldTrump will donate $1,000,000 to the charity of Elizabeth Warren’s choice IF she took a DNA test to proved she had Indian heritage
@SenWarren uses your tax $ for claiming she is Indian

Elizabeth with Terrorist Linda Sarsour in picture 👇

📢#RETWEET You Agree📢
Abolishing ICE would mean: More illegal drugs in our schools & on our strees

More human trafficking

Would give terrorists new chance to exploit immigration loopholes, which is exactly what happened before 9/11 #IStandWithICE
#WalkAway from Democrats

"The calls to abolish @ICEgov are not just outrageous - they're irresponsible. Abolishing ICE would mean more illegal immigration, more violent crime, more vicious gangs, more drugs, & more human trafficking" @VP #IStandWithICE

An immigrant is someone who follows the law, waits their turn & enters following our process

An illegal alien is not an immigrant. They broke the law, cut in line & defied our laws

Don’t reward illegal alien CRIMINALS by labeling them “immigrants”

Every crime an illegal commits is a preventable crime

How many more tens of thousands of assaults, murders, & crimes do we have to put up with?

Congress, is the cheap labor really worth "Public Safety"?

Democrats is #VoterFraud worth it?

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