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Jul 8, 2018, 10 tweets

Hi @realDonaldTrump
How'd you get the lawsuit dropped?
Say hi to Jeffrey.

Curious timing, Donald.

Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., NY DA
From Katie Johnson
May 24, 2016
▪Requesting an investigation into Trump.
▪Citing death threats
▪One attorney passed confidential information to Trump


Both Epstein & Trump have histories of intimidating & threatening those of whom have knowledge of their crimes in order to keep them quiet. #MOB #TrumpEpstein

Palm Beach, FL
May 1, 2006
Probable Cause Affidavit:
[Trigger Warning]

May 1, 2006
Probable Cause Affidavit:
After giving statement inconsistent w those of other victims, Det asks her if she'd been contacted by Epstein.
She says, "Paul" a "PI" called, asked about LE investigation.
She was

Those who have*

Case 09-34791-RBR
Doc 1603-3
Filed 04/08/11
Undisputed Statement of Facts
Epstein vs. Edwards
Harassment of Victims


Case 1:16-cv-07673 Doc1
Filed 09/30/16

Shortly after her first complaint was filed in California on April 26, 2016, she started receiving threatening phone calls on her cell phone. #TrumpEpstein

Why so pissy, @realDonaldTrump ?
It's just a simple question.
Who is Jeffrey Epstein?


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