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Rescuers begin operation to retrieve soccer team trapped in Thailand's Tham Luang cave, head of rescue mission says. #ThailandCaveRescue

A rescue mission is underway to pull out the 12 boys and their coach trapped inside a cave in Thailand. 18 divers (13 international + 5 Thai) have made their way inside the cave to rescue the boys one by one.

The difficulty of rescue opration at tham luang cave at #Thailand by the graph..


Thailand cave boys sent handwritten letters to their families

#ThailandCaveRescue: First Moment when the Thai Navy Seal found the 13 boys missing in the cave in #Thailand.

First boy expected to emerge from the cave around 2 PM GMT Sunday

#FIFA invites soccer team trapped in #Thailand cave to #WorldCup final.



• 12 boys & 25-year-old coach
• Boys are ages 11-16
• As far as 2.5 miles from main entrance
• Most can’t swim
• Water-filled cave
• Fast-flowing, murky water
• Some areas too narrow for scuba tanks

BBC: The greatest dangers for the boys

• Hypothermia (Cave water is very cold)

• Infections (There are all sorts of diseases in the cave, which could be carried by bats or dirty water)


#BREAKING Two trapped boys have been successfully rescued from the flooded Luang cave — Reports


#ThailandCaveRescue: Thirteen medical teams are standing ready outside the cave, each with its own helicopter and ambulance.

The first two boys are currently being assessed at a medical check point on site and will be take to hospital by helicopter. #ThailandCaveRescue

Footage from Thai TV; Rescue operation is underway


Reports of injuries among divers in rescue mission. #ThailandCaveRescue

#BREAKING Fourth boy is now out of the Tham Luang cave in #Thailand


Thai King’s sister arrived at operation site. #ThailandCaveRescue

#BREAKING Another 2 boys are now out of the Tham Luang cave in #Thailand. Total of six boys are out of the cave so far. #ThailandCaveRescue

Photos from the mission site. #ThailandCaveRescue

#US president Donald #Trump on #ThailandCaveRescue: “The U.S. is working very closely with the Government of Thailand to help get all of the children out of the cave and to safety. Very brave and talented people!”

Statement from The US Embassy in Bangkok:


Rescure mission is underway. #ThailandCaveRescue #Thailand

Dive Team are using CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk’s idea ‘Mini-Submarine’ in rescure operation. #ThailandCaveRescue

Latest Update:

• The rescue operations is going better than expected according to Thai officials

• 50 international and 40 Thai divers are currently participating in #ThailandCaveRescue

The number of boys from the football youth team rescued from the Thai cave has been revised down to four according to Thai media. #ThailandCaveRescue

Thai Navy Seal: The rescue mission is temporarily suspended, the next phase of the operation to start in 10-20 hours. #ThailandCaveRescue

The remaining 9 will be evacuated tomorrow. (Thailand local time) #ThailandCaveRescue

Footages taken from the operation site. #ThailandCaveRescue

It's starting a light rain now #ThailandCaveRescue

Photos taken nearby #ThamLuang cave a few minutes ago. #ThailandCaveRescue #Thailand

#ThailandCaveRescue Thai Military:

#CORRECTION: The Dive-Buddy System was used for rescuing the four boys. At the narrowest point, the two divers will have to take off their tanks and push them in front of them to be able to pass.


The Dive Team will reportedly use Space X CEO @elonmusk idea to rescue the remaining 9. #ThailandCaveRescue

#BREAKING The second phase of #ThailandCaveRescue has started. Divers re enter the #ThamLuang cave.

The first four boys evacuated from #ThamLuang cave are in good condition — officials confirmed


#BREAKING A fifth boy has been rescued from #ThamLuang cave in #Thailand. #ThaiCaveRescue

#BREAKING The sixth boy has been rescued from the cave. #ThailandCaveRescue

• Six boys and their coach still remain in the cave


#BREAKING Seventh boy has been rescued and is out of the #ThamLuang cave in #Thailand.


#BREAKING Eighth boy has now been evacuated. #ThailandCaveRescue

Operations to evacuate boys and their coach from the cave in the northern #Thailand have completed for the day. #ThailandCaveRescue

#BREAKING The third phase of the operation has started, the 9th boy has reportedly been evacuated. #ThailandCaveRescue

Thai Media reports all the remaining boys and their coach are on their way out of the cave. #Thailand #ThaiCaveRescue

Photos were taken nearby #ThamLuang cave in #Thailand a few minutes ago. #ThaiCaveRescue #ThailandCaveRescue

#BREAKING The 10th boy has now been rescued. #ThailandCaveRescue

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