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Jul 10, 2018, 6 tweets

In 2013 terrorist “Cheibani” was indicted with the murder of a U.S Diplomat and attempted murder of a Marine. @GenFlynn thanked the FBI and @TheJusticeDept for brining Justice, the case was tried by Zainab Ahmad🙄

In fact one could argue that Ahmad’s entire career that everyone raves about is built off the intelligence @GenFlynn provided while at @DefenseIntel

Let’s see DIA specializes in gathering intel of foreign actors amd Ahamad tries cases of terrorists🧐

#GeneralFlynn was Assistant Director then Director during the time all her cases came around, isn’t that amazing wonder where all that intel came from.

Now Ahmad is the one bringing charges against @GenFlynn ethics? Conflict of interest? @TheJusticeDept is ANYONE paying attention other than Rosenstein watching what people say about him on TV. #ClearFlynnNOW

You can pat yourself on the back all you want #ZainabAhmad you wouldn’t have had any of your cases without the intel that brought them to court, you know that.…

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