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Jul 11, 2018, 5 tweets

Delighted to attend #NATOengages, a high-level civil society event hosted by @AtlanticCouncil @gmfus @MunSecConf & @WIISBrussels at new @NATO Headquarters, happening simultaneously with the official #NATOsummit.

Watch LIVE:


Germany Defence Minister @vdleyen:

"Trump is a business man. He will understand that spending is not just about input, but also about output. You can spend 2% on your national defence budget, but not do anything for NATO. Focus must be on capabilities."

#NATOengages #NATOsummit

"A more peaceful, more resilient, more democratic world is good for @Canada.

We deeply believe in @NATO's values:

Peace, security & #DefendingDemocracy are as relevant today as ever." -

PM @JustinTrudeau at #NATOengages #NATOsummit

"All #NATOsummit|s are important, but this one more than others.

Because the current security environment is very demanding.

Therefore, unity among allies is key." -

@NATO SG @jensstoltenberg at #NATOengages

#WeAreNATO #UnitedWeStand

"#Disinformation is nothing new. What is new, is its combination with other tools, like cyber attacks.

@NATO rightly addresses the whole spectrum of #HybridThreats.

Including, if necessary, applying #article5."

@SecureDemocracy Dir @rosenbergerlm at #NATOengages #NATOsummit

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