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Jul 12, 2018, 21 tweets

And the cop who ignored the woman's request for help has resigned. #InstantKarma

Mugshot of Timothy Trybus, the bastard charged with two felony counts of hate crime after his abuse of a woman for wearing Puerto Rico shirt: nbcnews.com/news/us-news/m….
#tRump-ism #MAGA-sucker

Timothy Trybus, the man who abused a woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt, has been ordered to undergo an alcohol evaluation and will be placed on electronic home monitoring. He faces two counts of felony hate crime. trib.al/prObp2a
#tRump-ism #bigotry #alcoholabuse

Morry Matson, a CVS manager, called police on black woman Camilla Hudson because of a coupon she presented. Matson is President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, he is running as an independent in the 48th Ward, and he supports #tRump: heavy.com/news/2018/07/m….

Theresa Lund, executive director of Harvard Humanitatian Initiative, placed on leave after video of her asking neighbor who was with her biracial daughter if they live in the "affordable units" around Harvard University: metro.us/news/the-big-s….
Video: facebook.com/alyson.laliber….

Morry Matson, a now ex-@cvspharmacy manager who called police on Camilla Hudson, a black woman, because of a coupon she presented was fired by CVS along with another employee.

🏀 White man calls police because he was fouled by a black man in a pick up basketball game at @LAFitness: theroot.com/flagrantfreddy…. Video of news report: .

Patricia Edelen arrested for spray painting “Hail Trump” and the n-word on a neighbor’s residence, about 2 miles from—and just hours before—Toledo’s annual African-American Parade: toledoblade.com/local/2018/07/….
#bigotry #racism

Maurice Rucker, the black man who was fired by @HomeDepot over his response to a racist customer, has decided to decline the company’s offer to give him his job back: thehill.com/blogs/blog-bri….
#bigotry #racism

Manager of a Dollar General store fired after accusing a black woman of ‘abusing the system’ with coupons: wivb.com/news/local-new….
#bigotry #racism

New Orleans police officers John Galman and Spencer Sutton, who were in a a probationary employment period after graduating from police training academy, were charged with battery after allegedly assaulting 36-year-old George Gomez while off duty: thehill.com/blogs/blog-bri….

Jose Farquaharson is suing the Miami-Dade Police Department after its officers allegedly beat him up and arrested him for yelling “Do your fucking job.” rawstory.com/2018/07/florid…

Nicole Black says she rushed her daughter to the hospital after medics told her she couldn’t afford an ambulance ride: abcactionnews.com/news/mother-sa…

Actor Ving Rhames says police officers held him at gunpoint in his own home after a neighbor reported a “large black man” breaking into his house: thehill.com/blogs/blog-bri…
#bigotry #racism

Newly released body camera footage shows Minneapolis police fatally shooting fleeing black Man Thurman Blevins: usatoday.com/story/news/nat….

Safeway employees call police on black woman for giving food to the homeless because they thought she was a shoplifter: rawstory.com/2018/07/watch-….
#FeedingHomelessWhileBlack #bigotry #racism

Local utility company says it accidentally sent N-word as password to Erica Conway, a black woman and longtime volunteer of the Seattle chapter of the @NAACP: thehill.com/homenews/40006…
#bigotry #racism #tRump-ism

A Smith College employee has been placed on leave after calling campus security on a black student because she "seemed to be out of place." masslive.com/news/index.ssf…
#bigotry #racism #tRump-ism

Police officer suspended after video is released showing him beating a black woman in a psychiatric hospital. freep.com/story/news/loc…
#bigotry #racism #tRump-ism

White man pulls black man having seizure off train: losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/08/02/goi….

White woman calls police on black woman waiting for Uber:
theroot.com/brooklyn-becky…. #BrooklynBecky #UberWhileBlack

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