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Jul 13, 2018, 7 tweets

@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 1/
Right Now Dems have a +8 Lead in GCB
But there are problems

Nobody believes it.
It was +1 GOP like a month ago.

Now Polsters won't show internals,
so we can't see what/how they are doing stuff.

the Democrats are desperate to make 2018 into 2006 comparison
but doesn't work

@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 2/
the Democrats are desperate to make 2018 into 2006 comparison
but doesn't work

2006 Mid-Terms was a disaster because of Iraq, Bush unpopularity (a legit 23-29%), and his overall weakness

The dems are selling 24/7.... 2018 is just like 2006....except it isn't

@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 3/
legit 23% approval
dying approval w/ GOP own party
bad economy

Trump has a 90-93% approval w/GOP,
45-50% approval overall,
despite polsters lying their asses off and 91% negative coverage

Trump also doing well w/ Blacks (10-25%) and Hispanics (30-55%)

@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 4/
In 2006,
DNC had a legit +11.5
no reason to lie....the numbers WERE that bad...won 28 House seats

In 2018....nobody knows the truth w/polls

Ex, #MTSen,
Tester leading by +16....diff poll shows him leading by +2
these polsters are lying so bad that they make 2016 blush

@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 5/
"C'mon, Dave, not ALL the polsters are lying."

Did you forget Polls are just psychological weapons?
Did you forget, "Clinton is up by 11 points in October 2016 ?"

the problem is....if the polsters lie too much, you lose credibility


@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 6/
One month ago, GOP was even/leading the CGB (House Poll Overall)
Now It's Dems +8.
Yeah....that's Bullshit.

If Trump is getting 10-25% w/Blacks and 30-55% w/Hispanics consistently for the past 8 months....I don't believe any polls now.

But lies do tell truths.

@TexasChick1968 @hfinch61 7/7
Ask yourself this.....if the Dems were really up by +8 in the GCB

why are Dems calling out for open violence?
why are Dems freaking out 24/7 ?

Dems aren't ACTING like they are in the lead.
Dems are acting like they are DOWN by +8

Maybe they are.

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