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Jul 15, 2018, 7 tweets

1/7 #Report
According to Palestinian reports, at approximately 18:00 hours, an #IDF airstrike struck downtown Gaza City. Two teens were killed as a result of the strike. Reports claimed an empty structure, a children’s park and a mosque were damaged. #Gaza #Israel #Hamas #IDF

The children’s park in reality is #Qassam Brigade’s “Battalions Square” and the teens who died were inside the structure circled in red. Beside it is the mosque circled in blue which was damaged by the strike.

Why did the #IDF target this site with air strikes? How does the #IDF know this site is used by #Qassam Brigades? Can we just take their word for it? Here is video of the actual strike.

In the Spring, #Qassam conducted military maneuvers in diff sectors of #Gaza. On the coast, in the fields and in downtown #Gaza City. Anything look familiar? The same structure in red and the minaret of the mosque in blue. The entrance to the bunker is shown in the last pic.

The #IDF doesn’t need a UAV roaming the skies of #Gaza City to know this “children’s park” with a mosque adjacent to it, is a site used by the military wing of #Hamas. If the pictures aren’t enough, #Qassam Brigades was kind enough to provide us and #IDF intelligence a video.

Reports from Palestinian media were not accurate. The addition of toys at the destroyed structure added to the claim this was a park w/ an empty structure. #IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichay Adraee lambasted #Qassam for building a terror site next to a mosque - he was correct.

The #IDF identified a #Qassam site & acted. It didn’t take a room of analysts to figure out the site was in fact used for #Qassam training & contained a bunker. Worst of all for #Hamas, they gave the #IDF the intel to ID & target the site. Hope all of you enjoyed my report.

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