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Jul 16, 2018, 8 tweets

#IDedicateThisWeekTo Edgar Mowrer, Pulitzer Prize winning international and war correspondent, who warned the world about Hitler& Mussolini, at risk to himself.
He was a beacon of truth, when the free press was under attack.
As did Hitler, Trump would have called him Fake News.

"Like other newsmen, I was crazy to see all I could... we rented bicycles and pedaled eastward... eager to see what we could of the recent battlefields.... When we finally arrived, I realized with delight that we were at the headquarters of the French Fifth Army.”
Edgar Mowrer

“To the north we heard the faint roar of guns..Before we knew it,we were under arrest as spies. In answer to my insistence that we were free-born Americans w/papers,...the captain cursed me roundly. Next a major led us to courtyard& locked us up in separate sheds."
Edgar Mowrer

Edgar Mowrer
Mower travelled with the Italian refugees: "Under my raincoat, heavy jacket, and sweater, in spite of the effort of pushing a bicycle through the slime, I was shivering. Yet beside me, peasant children trotted with bare feet, their bodies wrapped only in calico..”

Edgar Mowrer
“Old men tottered under the weight of babies, women sank down exhausted beside ditches. Boys dragged unwilling livestock along. Families rode in wagons on top of household goods, or in donkey carts, or on donkeys.”

Edgar Mowrer
“A few refugees found places in crowded military camions, but the drivers were impatient; children were separated from their parents, wives from their husbands."

Edgar Mowrer
“Fascist squades shifted from burning Chambers of Labor, and harassing union leaders to capturing whole towns, Ferrara, Rovigo, Reggio Emilia, Moderna. When in June, 1922, sixty thousand armed Blackshirts seized the town of Bologna and...”

“..tossed out the Red administration, I...interviewed leader,Dino Grandi. Affable,but a braggart.A single company of bersaglieri under a resolute captain would have routed the Fascist occupiers."This did not happen&the fascists gradually got control of the country.
Edgar Mowrer

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