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Jul 17, 2018, 12 tweets

Always wondered what this seemingly random document in the Glenn Simpson exhibits meant. Is this the $400 million? 133 million shares in what? Tied into Cheney? #BillBrowder…

Plot twist! Those are Manaforts notes from the Trump Tower meeting...

This is fascinating. Apparently this isn’t breaking news at all, Bill Browder has been working with the Ziff brothers three billionaires that bank the Democrats? Move over Soros. This is what Russian layer chick was obsessed with.

This means that Veselnitskaya wrote a blueprint for the scheme $800 million was total take home and it all had to do with these companies. All of the Hill has read this memo, they’ve had it forever, this was the meat of Trump Towers meeting.

This letter is crazy, it’s obviously the money Putin was discussing. What’s interesting is Browder has been throwing Fusion GPS under the table, telling everyone they’re funded by Russia🤣 This is a shitshow fam.…

Here’s the problem: Putin only said that today for one of two reasons.
1- To give Dems fuel because it’s the same thing discussed in Trump Tower meeting.
2- It’s actually true and Browder has fooled a whole bunch of people.

One thing in particular that stuck out today, that isn’t really being discussed, is Putin being a fan of the Iran deal? Did I hear that right? Not trying to get all fired up but what started out as Dems multi million dollar fairytail could easily be weaponized.

Moral of the story is: it’s time to #FollowTheMoney who the hell are the Ziff Brothers.. here we go🕳

#FactCheck Ziff is in fact one of “Obama’s Billionaires” as shown on Podesta’s spreadsheet via @wikileaks…

Bribery in Africa? That’s Hilda’s favorite food.…

Ziff bros must be super bummed about DJT😂…

🔥Oh snap. Dirk Ziff is a Weinstein buddy and being sued by victims for knowing about it. This is already being handled people, leaning towards true.

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