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Have you heard of Rani Chennamma! This story is about her. Read.
In order to preach eternal principles of Dharma & righteousness there have been numerous women saints, scholars, rulers, freedom fighters who have shone as a beacon of courage under great odds.

It's important to remember women of the past and keep their spirits alive within our hearts! Rani Chennamma was our 1st woman Independence activist. She was born in the small village of Kakati in Belgaum, Karnataka in 1778.

From a very young age she received training in sword fighting, archery and horse riding and got private lessons at home. King Mallasarja of Kittur was moving around trying to find support from neighbouring kingdoms to fight Tipu Sultan and approached Dhulappa Desai.

He saw Chennamma and was attracted to her. Though he was already married he took her as his 2nd wife. They had a son who died at a young age. King also passed away. East India company’s collector and political agent Thackeray wished to capture Kittur to expand the British Empire.

She now became Queen of kittur decided to take charge and rallied together her trusted men to fight against British. As a conclusion, British officers including Thackeray were killed. Remaining officials,soldiers were imprisoned & she ensured that they were treated with kindness.

British Empire was enraged at the humiliation of defeat at the hands of a small ruler and sent bigger armies to Kittur to capture it. Fierce battle was fought but this time due to a number of traitors in her camp she lost and was captured by British and their treasury looted.

It is said that such was her indomitable courage and fearlessness that she tried to escape twice from the Kittur fort but was recaptured both times and then put in solitary confinement for life. She spent her days performing pooja.

She read holy texts till her death. In 1829 she died in confinement with the dream of a free Kittur in her heart and mind. Her burial place or Samadhi is at Bailhongal taluka surrounded by a small park. She was a great example of this principle of real living.

She showed that one woman could stand against the might of British Empire for upholding justice & righteousness. One of the 1st female rulers to rebel against British rule, she has become a folk hero in Karnataka and symbol of the independence movement in India

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