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I’m a truth seeker a red piller, every second I can remember I’ve walked around the edges..I was born a fringe dweller..

Jul 18, 2018, 7 tweets

1) Can you believe this shit!! To keep the lie intact and regain power, will use weaponised industry to stop conservatism and Trump..#QAnon @POTUS

It should be named:
“Fascism matters”
Strategic plan to get our way

2) here’s the full link to the facist playbook…

Thank you @SnowWhite7IAM for digging. This up 👍🧐 #QAnon @POTUS

3) So a full control of social media & its algorithms to analyse us (Alt right) which means anyone that’s not far left & if we don’t like what you’re doing are new tech will censor you. #QAnon #WalkAway this will happen to the left as well if you’re not radical like them.@POTUS

🧐 dark money?? #QAnon @potus

4) now it’s all making sense the #DNC and the #DeepState fuckers had control of everything (slowly losing it though) #QAnon

👆 Really need to take the media back, not enough so back just so it’s not corrupted, because we’re not facists and respect others points of view (as long as it’s not insane)..#QAnon

If anyone wants to get the full scope of this go down to the comments section & read @EllaaaCruzzz post, her research is amazing and dives deep into this.Put some time aside & actually read through it.This is the reason we see why everything in the MSM is against #Trump & us #Q

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