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Jul 19, 2018, 15 tweets

Democrats have been brilliant about spinning #RussianMeddling consciously leaving out Russians used social media to post Anti-Hillary AND Anti-Trump posts. Schiff released the posts but they are tedious to view, lets look at some #RussianCollusion pro-muslim #muhrussia

Don't like gay sex? Great then don't have it. Obviously this was aimed to help Trump win, because the Dems biggest platform wasn't that he "hated gays"

Racism, it's time to stand up for whats right? If you didn't know this was paid for in Rubbles who would you say this is geared towards? #RussianCollusion

BTW posting in the order they appear in the files, not picking and choosing. Next we have the anti-cop instagram post, posted for California and San Francisco.

Calling our law enforcement "destructive parasites" WOW that sounds right on point with @realDonaldTrump #saidnooneever

Here we have a rally they hosted for #BLM so far #RussianMeddling is exactly what it wanted to be, division and chaos and the Democrats have taken the torch from the #Russians

#unitedmuslimsofamerica sponsored by Russia, with a child talking about "what Trump said" this must have been widely helpful to Trump HAHAHAHA

Well this is a terrible story, who cares who what aimed for although the tags suggest it was not for caucasian people, Williams&Kalvin was one of their favorite pages.

Wow Libs love to use this meme AND call Trump Hitler, so they are literally #RussiaBots 😂

Seriously skipping through posts now looking for pro-Trump postings, knock yourself out if you want to look through these don't think anyone else is.…

Wonder if @RepMaxineWaters knows #BLM US was #Russia 😂

Found one (sort of but not really) this add tries to make it a positive that the KKK endorsed Trump, while taking a stab at Hillary so umm NO "being patriotic" doesn't mean loving the KKK #RussianCollusion

Here we go! 3 clicks and 13.6 Rubbles spent, this is probably what swayed the entire election @AdamSchiffCA right?

They spent a lot of Rubbles on #Blacktivist here is another protest they sponsored for #IndiaCummings

Too bored to continue but what do you want to bet these are the files team #Mueller are using to bolster their #RussiaBot case, ads literally provided by Facebook. What are we paying them for again?

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