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Jul 19, 2018, 8 tweets

An #Iran’ian Deputy Foreign Minister visiting Russia along with @khamenei_ir advisor Ali Akbar Velayati said in a private meeting that he wished he hadn’t gone to Moscow & not witnessed the reached agreement.
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In response to Gholamhossein Dehqani, #Iran’s Deputy FM in Legal & International Affairs, who reiterated the agreement’s legal and international errors, Velayati said, “This is [@khamenei_ir’s] decision.”

“[@Khamenei_ir] has said it is not in our interest to be involved in another war. It will be more in our interest to resolve our issues with Russia’s help,” Velayati added.

Dehghani added: “We must evacuate Syria after investing in this country for 5 years. Russia has said [#Iran’s] participation in Syria’s reconstruction depends on decisions made by the U.S. & the int’l community.”

“We are being banned from exporting oil because Russia & Saudi Arabia will be providing for the market’s oil shortage. We will only receive food & goods for the oil we provide Russia,” Dehghani continued.

“The Russians only provided a political guarantee for us, saying they will stand in the face of US threats against Iran & veto anti-Iran resolutions in the UN Security Council,” he continued.

The conditions they want to impose on us portray a future far more pitiable than Iraq after the [1991] war, Dehghani added with extreme concerns.

My conclusion:

And if interested, here's a reminder of my recent take on the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki, weighing on their discussion over #Iran & #Syria's future.

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