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Jul 21, 2018, 19 tweets

Someone made a Q Clock and I love it!

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Q and folks are asking questions.

That’s a great thing in my book.

I believe we need to chat about a few things in regards to Q and the QDrops.




Here is one theory of why we haven’t heard from Q.

One of many theories.

We have had long periods with no QDrops before.

They are silent for a reason.

But....what if?

What if Q is done with revealing Drops?

There is a possibility of this and we’ve known that this day could come.

Just in case of this Q talks about how we need other forms of communication, offline and to be sure to store everything offline.

We were told this for a reason.

This has never been about Q.

This has never been about @POTUS.

Of course he is a Yuge part of this plan however this has always been about #WeThePeople.

This is about #WeThePeople taking our Nation and Constitution back.

“You have more then you know.”

Lets think about that.

After 8 1/2 months of receiving info from the QDrops we really have more then we know.

Seriously have you gone back and checked the timeline?

We have been through a ton of things and we are making progress.


I’d like to see Q return but what if comms are permanently now silent?

#WeThePeople have been given information and now it’s time to start using it.

Some are in fact are doing this.

I see all sorts of new groups banning together to work on projects.

This QDrop 1644 I feel was one of the those Drops that tells us quite a bit.

We are not taking down the Deep State all at once.

We could never do that and this is why we have #TrustThePlan.

We all play an important part in this Plan.

Question is do you #TrustThePlan?

We have people everywhere working on all of these topics.

What are you working on?

Research, present, share & expose what you find that is key.

This is how we move forward.

But where is Q? I want! I want! I want a new QDrop!

Like a dutiful parent Q is watching over us.

We may not have new Drops but Q is watching the breads.

“You have more then you know.”

We were told this for a reason.

Time to move forward and build new stuff.

How do we move forward with the information we have already?

Well we could start with the OIG Report.

Q tells us there are 3 versions of the OIG Report and we received the watered down one.

Pressure must be added to have the #ReleaseTheOriginalOIGReport.

We also know that @potus signed an Executive Order, that is hidden, to release this report unredacted.

Question now is how do we get POTUS to use it?

What is the ultimate question?

Q said they were waiting for a reporter to ask the “ultimate question.”

Who is the reporter?

Who will stand up and ask this question?

Is #WhoIsQ the ultimate question?

We’ve been told to #MakeNoise. #BeLoud #BeHeard.

IMO we could use some help with this.

Are you willing to help us?

If we want to move forward we all need to be louder.

We must be heard.

We must fight for TRUTH!

I was asked to commit to Q’s July statement of the truth being revealed to the world. I can’t do this. Not that I don’t want to but think logically. There are no guarantees in deadlines or statements in the QDrops. Things happen like the red tape delays of releasing information.

Some things are a leap of faith. I’ve invested years into what we are working on.

Why? Because we are at War.

It’s a War of Good v Evil.

I’ll never stop fighting for Truth, Honesty and Wisdom
- William Thomas

What if Q is a larp?

We all have those days of doubt but that’s why it’s called faith.

If Q is a larp, it’s a damn good one but I think it’s real.

It’s okay to question in fact question everything.

We all want arrest but that will take time.

We are seeing results everyday even if you don’t see them right away.

7k arrest of pedophiles

45k+ sealed indictments

3600 Notable resignations

Progress with N.K. and the Peace Deal

They have the server.


Do your homework!

Be informed.

Inform others.

Share & Expose what you find.

Taking down those that have committed crimes will take time.

I don’t know about you but I’m all in!

QDrops can be found @ qanon.pub

QProofs can be found @ QProofs.com

We Are All Anonymous.

We Told You To Expect Us.

We Do Not Forget.



✨ThQ @beldandolo for your help today. ✨

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