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Jul 23, 2018, 11 tweets


Something interesting linking @NYTimes to a state-run newspaper in #Iran (iran-newspaper.com).


In the @NYTimes website, the “How to submit a letter to the editor” page has a telephone number (212-556-1831).
When called, you hear a series of pre-recorded instructions.

When searching the domain registrar for “Iran” daily’s website, linked to the mullahs’ regime, the registrant and admin telephone number for the domain is the same @NYTimes calling number (212-556-1831)

In addition to the phone number belonging to the @NYTimes, the registrant domain address is the same address as the NYT building.

“620 8TH AVE NEW YORK NY 10018-1618 US”


The “Iran-Newspaper.com” domain of “Iran” daily was registered by Mohammad Taghi Roghaniha & the Iran Press Cultural Ins.
The registering email is "ahmfattahi@gmail.com", belonging to “Iran" daily IT director Ahmad Fattahi.

According to Wikipedia, the “Iran” daily is the official daily newspaper of the government of Iran. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) @IrnaEnglish owns and publishes #Iran.

Mohammad Taghi Roghaniha has used the same phone number & @NYTimes address to register 4 domains for websites in Farsi, English & Arabic.


The “Iran” daily website & three other websites are registered at the Network Solutions, LLC. The servers of all these four websites are located at Urmia, NW #Iran and hosted by Pars Online ISP (parsonline.com).

Mohammad Taghi Roghaniha was appointed as “Iran” daily director in 2013 & turned his position over to Mohammad Fazeli in March 2016. Prior to this he was the deputy chief of #Iran’s officials IRNA news agency.

In 2017, Mohammad Taghi Roghaniha was the Managing Director of @HassanRouhani’s elections campaign media.



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