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🌹♥️ I agree with Susan Sarandon, for the good of the country we need to #SaveOurChildren. Today I #walkaway from DSA

Jul 24, 2018, 7 tweets

Today more evidence revealed just how fake the #walkaway campaign is & more importantly at least one of the groups funding this campaign. The walkaway campaign is supposedly Democrats walking away from the Democratic party into the open arms of the GOP. Funny right /1

Here is another fake ad that is supposed to be of this organic Democrats that is fed up with all the hate, racism and divisiveness of the Democratic party & is now a #walkaway convert to the Republican party. Huh?? Talk about gas lighting #resist #uniteblue #trumprussia /2

So it turns out these ads are identical in the font used and style to that of previous Turning Point USA ads created in 2016 and 2017. Here are a couple and note they are almost identical to the #walkaway campaign ads #resist #uniteblue #trumprussia /3

So Turning Point USA is a right-wing organization created by Charlie Kirk in 2002 and currently has Candace Owens @RealCandaceO as their communications director en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turning_P… #walkaway propaganda #resist #uniteblue #trumprussia /4

@RealCandaceO shows up as a primary influencer account in 25% of 100 random #walkaway propaganda accounts I looked at #resist #uniteblue #trumprussia /5

Turning Point USA's plan to "red-pill" black America for Trump is very concerning and a very insidious kind of propaganda. They are well know for their overt racism. The opposite of what #walkaway claims to be mic.com/articles/18922… #blm #resist #uniteblue #trumprussia /6

It should also be noted Putin & his Russian hacker army also joined the fray as evidenced that #walkaway is consistently in top 10 hashtags since late June at dashboard.securingdemocracy.org & documented Russian language set Twitter botnets #blm #resist #uniteblue #trumprussia /7

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