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Jul 24, 2018, 31 tweets

1. #Qanon posts after a 20 day reprieve...Interesting, Q leads off with "From Sea to Shining Sea"...haven't had a chance to research what Q may be implying...Huber reports directly to Atty Gen. Sessions...Per 28 USC 519, the Att Gen has authority to supervise all litigation...

2...involving the US...Therefore, Huber answers to Sessions...hence, #Qanon continually says "trust Sessions". Huber has the DNC server because it is evidence in the criminal charges being brought against HRC and other deep state actors...Potus keeps referring to the server to...

3...troll the deep state but also to set the stage with the public...Potus is brilliantly keeping the server relevant and raising the issue: "where's the server"..."what's on the server"...the server is what will convict HRC and other deep state criminals...#Qanon

4. Potus does not waste words or tweet random tweets...each tweet has a purpose...he is preparing the public for the evidence that is on that server...evidence that will show DWS and HRC complicit in Seth Rich murder, treason, and other federal crimes...Potus has it all...#Qanon

5..but Huber also has it all...evidence of HRC and deep state crimes against the country and crimes against children as well as treason will be made public...#Qanon posts are a road map showing us what crimes the deep state is guilty of...when Q repeats words or posts, Q is...

6...emphasizing certain facts or crimes...When Potus repeats himself on Twitter (think server), he is letting us know how huge this really is and how much evidence Huber has on that server to convict HRC and the deep state...those patriots who are awake see it coming...#Qanon

7..Fake news which is a propoganda arm of the deep state is failing majorly...they are panicked...they were panicking during the 20 days of #Qanon silence...they know all hell is about to break lose and they cannot cover up the evidence of the crimes about to be exposed...

8. #Qanon posts the letter from congressional members asking Huber and Sessions to investigate Comey, McCabe, Lynch, etc for violation of fed statutes involving investigation into Potus Trump campaign for president, and re HRC investigation. This took place in April...

9. Q making the point that Huber was asked to investigate these deep state actors.…. #Qanon cites to a Huff Po article critical of Q followers...they are in a panic and they know what's about to be exposed, but they don't know when...Q makes the point to why disinfo and "mirrors" was necessary...the deep state cannot predict what Potus is about to do, and they cannot generate false flags to distract from the exposing of corruption...the 20 days of silence was sheer panic for the deep state!

11. #Qanon posts a link to a youtube video re Fox and Friends discussing of Huber...Judge Napolitano discusses Huber's appointment ; Huber investigating: 1. abuse of fisa, 2. exoneration of HRC; 3) exoneration of HRC on Uranium 1;

12. Napolitano says Huber cannot run a grand jury and investigation from Utah, so either Huber will be traveling to DC to impanel grand jury, or this investigation going to be kicked back to Sessions...Huber's purpose is to complete the investigation...

12. FOIA does not cover FISA due 2 top secret intel in FISA..The only way a FOIA request could generate a redacted FISA page is if Potus declassified it...#wwg1wga...Potus kept it redacted because Huber's investigation still active...Huber still presenting evidence to grand jury!

13. #Qanon reiterates that for a Larp, the msm sure does write a lot about Q...Enjoy the show...Q also says "something BIG is about to drop!" get ready....

14. Next, #Qanon comments on the Fox and Friends interview of Judge Napolitano...the greatest threat to the American people is the Fake News Media...#controlledmsm is a hashtag Q is suggesting we use to spread the message that the MSM is a puppet of the deep state...#wwg1wga

15. #Qanon posts: study nazism and compare/contrast nazism to Antifa and the socialist push by the MSM and deep state...the ultimate goal of the deep state and msm is to push our society into socialism and ultimately nazism...the Rothschilds financed before WWII...#wwg1wga

16. The Roths, Soros, and SA Prince Alwaleed (before he was removed from power) are financing the push for socialism/nazism now...#Qanon ...dark to light...Good will win because God is the ultimate source of good and truth and defeats evil in the end...#controlledmsm

17. Here's the reference back to the "sea to shining sea" comment...Q posted this comment earlier before Potus speech in which "proud to be an American" was playing. "sea to shining sea" is part of the song at 21:33 in the video, and #Qanon #wwg1wga

18. We are watching the destruction of the Old Guard...the msm and deep state...#Qanon is promising that power will return to the people..that's what this is all about...freedom for the people, led by the constitution...#wwg1wga

19. Q gives a shout out to twitter and some of the patriots on Twitter..jordan sather points out the Q posts after 20 days of silence and on the same day NXIVM members are arrested.....#Qanon

20...this is awesome...Q posts this video of Potus motorcade driving by and says: "we saw you...God bless patriots"...The girl in the video is holding up a Q banner...awesome confirmation! #wwg1wga #qanon #maga

21. With Q saying "something big is about to drop", I'm wondering if the arrest of Clare Bronfman (Seagram heir) is going to lead to her ratting out BIG deep state players such as the Clintons, Hussein, etc...Q may be tying this arrest to the "something Big"...#wwg1wga #maga

22. #Qanon asks, who was financing the fascist movement before WWII, and who is financing it are prior Q posts from Dec regarding who finances the deep state and what the "currency" is...Roths, Soros, SA Princes (SA Prince Alwaleed removed from power)...#wwg1wga

23. Roths own the central banks in pretty much every country in the world...this Q post from a few months ago was mind blowing...This is how they exert so much control over political figures and governments...Roths/Soros finance the NWO #wwg1wga #qanon @potus #controlledmsm

24. Some are saying Huber reports to Rosenstein...this is incorrect. Huber reports directly to Atty Gen Sessions per 28 USC 519 and 543. Sessions only recused himself from Russia investigation not from all other investigations into HRC and deep state...#wwg1wga @potus #qanon

25. I want to encourage everyone to listen to @tracybeanz video re James Gunn...a well reasoned basis as to why this is not a left vs right issue, and how the left is trying to make it political so as to hide behind a political defense of pedophilia.

26. I want to tip my hat to a patriot who helped me confirm Qanon was the real deal back in November when I was on the fence...@SteveMotley...if you haven’t checked out his YouTube channel, it’s a must watch for all patriots...#qanon #wwg1wga. He’s been on board since day 1.

27. Late night post of a prior post by Q. Nunes said he never saw evidence of Five Eye intel which Obama admin claimed they had to justify spying on Trump campaign. If they had evidence, it would’ve gone through proper ha news between US And New Zealand. #wwg1wga #qanon

28. The post relates back to why the dignitaries Keep their Sec clearance. Brennan, HrC, etc were receiving intel from NZ and UK as they spied on Trump campaign. They had clearance to receive the Intel but since they were unable to get any real damning intel on Trump campaign...

29. ...they were essentially forced to create false Intel to justify the FISs warrant, hence the dossier prepared by Chris Steele while working with Brennan and Holder and Podesta...this illegal spying with NZ and UK continued even after Trump elected POTUS...POTUS knew about...

30...and allowed it to continue so he could set up deep state and feed false intel to confirm they were illegally spying on the POTUS with our allies NZ and UK. This is treason. Now that POTUS has all evidence on deep state, he’s cancelling sec clearance. #qanon #wwg1wga @potus

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