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Jul 25, 2018, 15 tweets

In the name of accountability and transparency, #RVAMayor @LevarStoney, can you and your Police Chief clarify the @RichmondPolice press release today regarding the completion of the #MarcusDavidPeters investigation and what you and Durham have committed. #HelpNotDeath (1/14)

In this press release, it is stated that Durham will host a discussion AFTER the CA’s office reviews the report. Durham also states that the promised community meeting is to explain and educate.

Will this be a discussion or lecture? (2/14) #HelpNotDeath #MarcusDavidPeters

A lecture doesn’t seem to meet the family’s demand for Durham and Stoney to attend a community meeting to discuss police, procedures, and accountability. Durham’s statement sounds like an informational session about curriculum. (3/14)
#HelpNotDeath #MarcusDavidPeters

In addition at #RVAMayor office hours last week @LevarStoney stated that he was open to a meeting with the family before the public meeting Durham has committed to. This makes it seem like two different meetings instead of one community discussion. #HelpNotDeath (4/14)

The divide in topics is further shown later in the meeting when #RVAMayor @LevarStoney says he is willing to talk about investments in CIT and that post-investigation his door will be open to talk about reform. Why isn’t this one discussion? Why is Durham’s meeting posed (5/14)

as educational for the general public. Shouldn’t our Police Chief be openly and publicly involved in the discussion of reform since he is the expert and accountable for implementation of any changes? #HelpNotDeath (6/14)

Our Police Chief doesn’t believe that there is any systemic issue in policing that results in a disproportionate number of POC murdered by police officers. How is he able to implement reform AT ALL when he doesn’t acknowledge a problem but ESPECIALLY (7/14)

not when he isn’t part of a community discussion about reform? Please clarify what community meetings are going to happen and who will be involved. The family of #MarcusDavidPeters was very clear with their expectations. Please effectively communicate your plan. (8/14)

In addition, when is this meeting happening? In today’s press release, it says meetings won’t be scheduled until after the CA’s office reviews the report. Last week at the #RVAMayor office hours, Durham stated his commitment very clearly was (9/14)

once the investigation was complete and FORWARDED to the CA’s office a public education meeting would be held to address 3 topics. Those are the same topics he references in the press release but now even though the report was forwarded, the public is being told (10/14)

the meeting won’t be scheduled until AFTER the CA’s office returns with a determination. If that wasn’t clear enough, Durham goes on to say that the investigation would be completed “next week” (now this week) and AS SOON AS the investigation was complete (11/14)

they would begin looking for a location to host the meeting. Six days later the investigation is out.... and we are back to a holding pattern that is different from what was communicated at a public meeting last week. (12/14)

By the way, it wasn’t just last week this is how the “process” has been portrayed. I don’t have supporting video but I have my tweets from the 2nd District #RVAMayor office hours where Durham stayed they wouldn’t talk about things until the investigation was SENT to CA. (13/14)

Personally, I don’t think the meetings being offered meet the family’s demand but I think that is for @PrincessBlandi1 & her family to decide. I am just asking for clarification on what seem to be conflicting and confusing statements. #HelpNotDeath #RVAMayor (14/14) 🧜🏻‍♀️

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