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Jul 25, 2018, 13 tweets

Sorry... I have a bit of an Atitude today!

@DNC OBSTRUCTING Justice to Protect their Lying and Cheating American Citizens out of OUR tax dollars! It's Crap like this that they want to continue doing! They deserve to rot in the Hell the Pope now claims doesn't exist!

How many of you know that Afghanistan is LOADED with Lithium?

Guess why the push for Electric Cars

Guess who is making money from war torn Afghanistan

Who is the Elite Silicon Valley Club?

Guess who Lobbied Tax Dollars for their Gain

@Potus Drain the Swamp to Gitmo!

One could go on all day of the shenanigans @DNC Cartel pulls!

All this money being funneled to their hands and the Greedy Lying Cheating MYers Obstructing Justice to Hide their Bull 💩

This doesn't scratch the surface of how Corrupt @DNC Cartel is!

@Potus GitmoDeathPenalty

@Potus If its ok with @DNC to rip babies out, wouldn't it be fair to prosecute the @DNC Cartel as well as all Corrupt Politicians for many crimes to Public Stoning?
Hey, they believe in ripping babies out of a womb so per haps tie them between horses and..

I guaranty after the first couple are ripped apart, their views would change on @PPFA
Tie them between horses and give a spook!

Same kind death sentence they give babies!

Yup... between horses! @DNC

Let's get into Meddling in Foreign/International Elections
@DNC @HillaryClinton @BarackObama

Remember illegally using our tax dollars to influence Kenya as Senator Obama?

Media snubbed this info!

A refresher ⏬⏬⏬

Next @Potus @NewRightNetwork @DNC @BarackObama How Obama used our tax dollars to influence Israel

Again ILLEGALLY done!

Next @Potus @NewRightNetwork

How @BarackObama @DNC
Meddled in Elections in Macedonia...

Remember Obama? How much of your wealth was from doing the work of Soros?

Illegally using our tax dollars to achieve Sicko @georgesoros Agendas

Freeze their Assets @Potus
They stole $$$

@DNC @BarackObama @HillaryClinton

How about Libya... More of your meddling to hide Weapon and Human Trafficking... Isn't that right! Not a question!

@Potus Drag them to the Streets without their armed body guards, see how helpless they are!

#TREASON #Traitors

What about Honduras @DNC @BarackObama

They would never meddle in Foreign Affairs @Potus

@DNC Karma Sucks huhhh?

Just ignor this ⏬⏬⏬

Let's keep this train moving...

@DNC @BarackObama

And then we have Egypt and Obama supporting a Top Muslim Brotherhood for President


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Egypt Meddling Continued
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