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Jul 26, 2018, 11 tweets

If you follow @SaRaAshcraft, no doubt you've heard of the #Hivites. WHO ARE the Hivites & why do they HATE us?

To find the answer, I delved into the Word of God. The answer is fascinating.

Hivites: The Remnants of Satan's Seed.

(ThanQ @TheSpeaker2018 for the beautiful memes!)

To find the answer, we must journey back to the beginning.

Many Biblical scholars believe that the original sin included more than the symbolic eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good & evil.

It included the unholy union of Eve & Satan.

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Eve had 2 sons: Cain & Abel. Many believe that Cain was the seed of Satan & Abel was the seed of Adam.

Out of jealousy over God's favor, Cain killed Abel.

Then Adam & Eve had a 3rd child, Seth.

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Over many, many years the whole Earth became inhabited by the offspring of the sons of God (fallen angels cast out with Satan) & daughters of man (Adam's lineage). This abomination caused God to wipe them out in the great flood.

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But Satan's seed survived the flood. Noah's wife, Naamah, was a descendant of Cain.

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After the flood, in Genesis 9:21-25, Noah's son, Ham, 'saw the nakedness of his father'. The translation from ancient Hebrew means Ham slept with his mother, Naamah, and they bore a child, Canaan.

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Noah cursed Canaan because he was the offspring of an incestuous union of Ham (1/2 Cain's bloodline) & Naamah (100% Cain's bloodline). Ham & Naamah's son, Canaan was 3/4 from Cain's bloodline, upsetting the balance.

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The descendents of Canaan became known as the Canaanites. Their curse as the descendents of Cain passed down through generations.

The Hivites were descendents of the Canaanites. Because their bloodline descended from Cain, Moses ordered all #Hivites to be destroyed.


Yet the #Hivites survived & their curse remains, as the last living remnants of Cain's bloodline, or in other words Satan's seed.

You see, THIS is why they worship Satan and THIS is why they HATE us.

It's always been Satan's seed against Adam's.
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One last thing & it's MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. Since Jesus came & paid the ultimate price for the original sin & every sin thereafter we have been set free. It doesn't matter what bloodline you come from. All flesh is corrupt. It only matters if you accept the gift that Jesus gave.

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