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Jul 26, 2018, 27 tweets

What was the point of filing impeachment art if Ryan was going to reject?
Known beforehand?
Think logically.

Could Sessions publicly challenge [RR] w/o creating a dilemma?
What events would immediately transpire if Sessions challenged [RR]?
Would it immediately demonstrate that Sessions must be aware of key Mueller facts?

Facts (or failure of duty) that he cannot possibly ‘know’ if recused?
Facts (a case) he is suppose to be recused from?
Think logically.

One challenge to [RR] would immediately trigger attacks to remove Sessions given his clear involvement in receiving information re: a case he is fully recused from.
Who does Huber [directly] report to?
Is it normal [RR] is side-stepped re: Huber CoC?
Why is this important?

Why is this important?
Why did Sessions recuse?
Is the LEFT attacking Sessions?
What advantage(s) exist based on this setup?

POTUS publicly expresses his anger re: his recusal?
Do you believe POTUS would allow a complete takeover of his DOJ if nothing was being done behind the scenes to hold people accountable?

When POTUS states “the swamp is being drained” do you believe it?
When POTUS states “it’s happening” do you believe it?
Do you believe POTUS would allow Sessions & [RR] to run HIS DOJ if something wasn’t being done to his liking?

Clickbait derails logical thought.
Think for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Mueller investigating POTUS’ Tweets for obstruction?
You have a front row seat.
Enjoy the show.

That LINK is 48 pages of DIRT on Robert Mueller by Congressman Louie Gohmert!



LOL. He directly refers to No Nane McStain but doesn’t use his name!

Mueller protected mobster Whitey Bulger by eliminating his competitors!

Criminal Collusion?

Wow! 😳😳😳
Pages 6-10= 911truth!!!!

Our govt knew of the Brooklyn based Al Queda cell and Mohammad Atta that attacked us over 1 year before 9/11 through the program Able Danger!

When Rep. Curt Weldon blew the whistle on this, the FBI/Mueller ruined his career for it!

The pattern is there. Are you seeing it?

This excerpt sounds exactly like what they did to the Honorable and innocent @GenFlynn!!!

I’ve been busy today, I’ll get back to digging/analyzing later when I have time. In the meantime, here are some more new Q posts...

Enjoy the show!

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. 6 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.
-Colossians 3:5
Your evil has no place in this world.

The author of the post…..
The face is never the author.
Direct comms come in many different forms.

How do you hide a message in clear sight?

You'd be amazed how much is shared on /pol/.
Data exchange.

That link is to the Guardian Project, where you can use a program called Pixelknot to encode secret hidden messages into pictures you post. You have to have the secret password (or key) to unlock the message...

Thank You, Jeff Sessions
A capable U.S. attorney is a far better choice than a second special counsel.…📁
Do you understand what is happening?
Think optics.

Rep. Mark Meadows is now seeking contempt of Congress charges instead of impeachment against RR.

Meadows backs off impeaching Rosenstein after leadership talks

Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title
Shareholder Wants to Oust Zuckerberg as Facebook Chairman
Facebook shareholders try to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman
Daily Mail
[DC moves slow]

Someone download the PixelKnot app for me (that has Android) and plug in the attached picture with the password X-DYQ and see if anything comes up pretty please?

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