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Jul 26, 2018, 17 tweets

[1] Tutorial - So you want to start using both Twitter and #Gab as locations for your research , but dont want to post on both ?

There is a way to have Gab re-post on Twitter, but what about Twitter posting onto Gab ?

Here is how !

[2] Start by going to @DuckDuckGo or Google and typing "twitter plugin to post on gab"

[3] Select the link to "Twitter2gab" #Twitter2gab

[4] The link will take you to "https: //addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/twitter2gab/" (we added a space there to prevent this from auto-linking - or click here .. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/… )

You will need to do this in @mozilla #Firefox (should have mentioned that!)

[5] in Mozilla Firefox -

[6] You will see acknowledgement of "Twitter2Gab" added to FireFox. CLick OK.

[7] Now we configure the settings of #twitter2Gab in FireFox .
1) Select the drop-down menu
2) Select “Add-on”

[8] Select “Extensions"

[9] Select “Twitter2Gab”

1) Turn on Automatic Updates
2) Select sharing (I chose all three)

You are good to go !

[11] Now lets try some Tweets/Retweets w/ Twitter USING #FIREFOX ... and see how they look in #Gab when using #Twitter2Gab

Select a Tweet - I'm a big @GeorgWebb fan, so let us start there . Choose Retweet

Note the "Share on gab.ai" box - be sure it is checked!

[12] Note that after we click Retweet , an acknowledgement box appears that confirms that the Retweet was successfully made to @getongab using #Twitter2Gab

[13] Now we go to #GAB (again, we are logged in using @mozilla @firefox ) ... and we see the Twitter retweet there in #Gab !

One challenge with #Twitter2Gab right now is that images from a Tweet are not copied - they are only hyperlinked in the Gab post.

[14] When using #Twitter2Gab to auto-copy new Tweets to #GAB , one nice feature is that a Tweet that has a Link to an outside source, such as a great post on @Thomas1774Paine #TruePundit … the link on Gab is DIRECTLY to that outside source !

[15] OK, having some strangeness here ... the pictures of the my Tweets are not getting copied to #GAB when using #Twitter2Gab ... Here are the last 3 ...

[16] A note on USER IDs when using #Twitter2Gab to have Tweets reposted onto #GAB . Note that the User ID is still active (it is copied w/o modification), but that the Gab user may be a different entity .

There is no way to reconcile this today! Just try to get the same handle!

[17] Following up on the the images - Clearly I STINK at reading directions ! The #Twitter2Gab instruction page ( addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/… ) makes it clear that images are yet supported with Version 1.5 ...

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